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Sucking Ranis Boobs



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Hi this is Vasu from Hyderabad(24) and I am interested in narrating a true and very sensational story of sexual encounter of mine that will really make you cum on the spot, especially girls and women. When I was in my village some time back, I used to wander about with my friend whom I used to call Linga. I used to go to his house with him and there I saw his elder sister Rani who was staying with them for a few days after giving birth to a female-baby. She already had a son of three and this was her second one. Initally I was not interested in her and used to go to Linga's house for him but eventually I fell for her as I saw her big breasts when she was brest-feeding her baby. From that time onwards I started going to her in the name of meeting my friend when he is out and waiting for him to come. Her parents were also friendly to me as I was from the same village and they knew that their son and I were good friends. This way I got to befriend her by talking a lot to her. She was not at all shy and used to brest-feed her baby in front of me revealing to me her marvelous boobs. I used to secretely look at her boobs while talking to her. Sometimes when she was asleep in the afternoon, I used to get a good glimpse of her boobs along with her erect nipples when she is past asleep while brest-feeding her baby. Many times I used to think of pressing her boobs, but being afraid of the consequences I used to mum and mastrubate picturizing her boobs. She was a beautiful woman of 30 and of fair complexion. She had big-boobs and beautifull ass. Her thighs were fat. Her total body was beautiful as heaven. Once I ventured and amidst our talks when she was brest-feeding, and asked her "ok, I have a small doubt. How does a woman's milk taste; does it taste similar to cow's milk, something sweet or different." I began to slightly tremble with fear. But she did not say anything and twisted her mouth like 'I don't know.' I began to gather courage and joked "How come you don't know. Then I shall ask your daughter how it tastes because she drinks it everyday." She gave me a sharp look and said, "wait until you're married and then ask your wife." I got disappointed and after sometime left. It is only after 2 days I dropped in and I did not talk to her and asked her parents, "where is Linga?" They replied- "he's gone out, wait; he'll come soon". So I sat down on a mat and waited with my head hung playing with my mobile. Rani's son came to me and began to ask for the mobile. Knowing nothing what to do, I handed it over to him. Rani who was watching all this for sometime suddenly came to me and took the mobile from his hand and gave it to me saying "why did you give it to him, don't you want to see your mobile functioning?" and sat down in front of me on a chair. I said nothing and did not look at her. She asked me "are you angry with me?" I nodded 'no', still not raising my head. "You know how lonely I was feeling, and you are not to be seen." Saying this she opened her blouse and began to brest-feed her baby. She pointed me to her baby's new silver anklets and said, "my parents have made these for my daughter". As I was sitting down, I stood up and towered over her to have a glimpse of the anklets. But it was not the anklets that I was looking at, it was her boobs I began to look closely and remained standing there until she took out the nipple from her baby's mouth and hooked her blouse. The sight of her boobs were really a five-star feast to my eyes. After her parents went out and her children are asleep, she asked me, "why are you not talking to me, did I speak anything bad to you". I smiled and we began to talk again very friendly like before. Again after some time I asked "How does a woman's milk taste?", I wanted to observe her feelings. She looked as if she did not hear me. But after five minutes she began to unhook her blouse and held her left boob and said "catch your hand, I will press milk in your hand, you can taste it." I was surprised and held my hand near her right nipple. She pressed her boob but no milk came out. So I said, "can I directly drink the milk from your..... She did not say anything but after a moment, she agreed. That moment I felt like Indra, the king of Heaven. My heart started to beat fast with fear and lust. That moment I caught hold of her heavenly boob with my right hand, caught hold of her waist with my left hand and bent down to her brest. I let go a large part of her brest into my mouth and began to drink her milk. After sometime I began to press her both boobs and began to kiss her boobs violently. To my surprise she did not resist and was absolutely silent.I lifted her blouse and had a good view of her boobs as I was touching her brests, fondling her nipple and the softer brown surround of the nipple bud. I began to play with them: I began to dash both her boobs to each other and enjoyed them seeing them swinging. I licked her whole boobs and her boobs were wet with my siliva. I went back of her and caught hold of both her boobs from under her arms and began to plunder them with both my hands. I pressed her boobs like anything for a long time, taking a little care not to hurt her. Again I turned to her front and began suck her nipples.After enjoining her breasts to my heart's content, I hooked her breasts and stood up and gave my hand to her to stand up. As soon as she stood up, I hugged her and began to run my hands on her back, finally settled down on her buttocks and began to press them violently and forcing my fingers into her heavenly ass-crack. I resumed and looked deep into her eyes, they were silent and drowsy and her face is red and greasy with sweat. Suddenly I remembered that I have not enjoyed her lovely face, and began to suffocate her with kisses, suck her cheeks, pinched them and began to enjoy her juicy lips. I almost ate them, totally running my lips over her's and began to suck them violently as if I were sucking honey from them. Finally I let go my tongue into her mouth and began to explore her whole mouth violently with my tongue, forcing my tongue inside, sides; sucking her lips simultaneously. I almost fucked her mouth with my tongue and drank a lot of her siliva.Finally I sat down taking support of her waist and gave a deep kiss at the place of her Pussy. With this she seemed to have regained her consciousness and went a little back. I wanted to continue till I cummed but she resisted and said it's time there parents will come back. So we sat down facing each other and I began to look deep into her while she bent her head down, intermittently looking at me. Suddenly I fubbled: "Rani, nee sallu chala bagunnayi( your boobs are very lovely)". She laughed and bent her head. I said we did not complete "it" and I am not satisfied. She understood that I wanted to fuck her and next day when I requested her for the same she agreed. And one very fortunate day I gave her a hard fuck and I fucked her for almost half an hour after enjoying each part of her body,kissing, sucking and fingering etc.,where she cummed three times and praised me that whoever'd marry me is really a verrrrrrrry lucky one as I am a very good fucker. I'd narrate the story how I fucked her next time, but for now, any ladies, aunties from Hyderabad who are desperate for hard-core sex, can find their life's greatest pleasures with me. Mail me to [email protected] .







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