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Sexy Friend Sanjana



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Hi readers my name is john and I been a reader of keralaerotica only for days. Let me not bore you to death. The story I am about to narrrate is a true story. It happend when I was studying in collage. There was no hostel for men in my collage so I had to stay in my frineds house as a pain guest. In his house there were only three members including me. He and his elder sister was the others. His sister name was sanjana and she was a nice piss of ass. Small little ass and cute little boobs beutiful pink lips and her colour was like a pure butter. We can simply say she was a girl we give 10 on 10. I used to dream about her and her cute lips. One day my frined had gone out for a party I was invited but I couldnt because I was having little fever . So I stayed home and sanjan was gone for her work but so I was alone at home in my bed. Laying on my bed I feel a little naughty and started to touch my cock and started to masterbate. Just when I was about to cum. I heard the main door opening I suddenly coverd my cock and me with a blanket there was in the bed. It was sanjana. She came to my room . I was a bit of shocked . She was wearing a tight blue jeans and a red top. She asked me why haven`t I go to the party. And I said I m feeling a little fever . And she touched my forhead and said that she would take care of me and leaved the room immidiatly and come back with some sort of medcine. And she gived it to me with a tea spoon doing that some of the medicine fell of my lips and she cleaned it with her hand and her face was really close to mine I suddenly hold her head and kissed on her lips. She was shocked and turned away from me. What are you doing? "she asked"i found out there is no turning back so ireplied I love you dear and I want you so badly . While saying that I removed my blanket and she saw my cock ready for the job. I was totaly nude then I jumped off yhe bed and taked her in my hand and started to kiss her . She seemed to enjoy it. I tasted her lips and tounge for so long then I put her in my bed she was compltly expecting it. So she pulled me to the bed. And started to kiss mall over meher hair was drgging in my body I feeled her boobs in my chest. And I started to sqeeze them and it slowly become hard. I could not take it anymore so pulled her top and started to lick her brests. She slowly stared to moan, ahhhhhhh while doing this I pulled out her jeans and started to put my finger in her pussy and stared to move it. She became really horny. Then she got my cock in her hand and started to move it . Oh heavens I reached for her pussy like a wild animal and started to put my tounge in it. She really liked it and started to moann ahhhhhhhhh, aooooooooo, john do it do it more plse and I keep licking her pussy and she cummed it was tasting great. Suddenly she said to reached for my cock and put it in her mouth and started to give me a blo job. As the matte I layed over her and we did a 69. Finely we both cant wait it anymore. She said. " do it john put your cock in me" and I obayed without qustioning I slowly put my cock in her pussy and she maked a sound like the symphonny of beethovan. I started to move fast and fast , AHH Ahh ahh ahh, I could hear her sound and just keep going faster. And we continued this for anthor 12 mintes. And she sleeped in my arms. And after that day we started to do it in a special way but that is anthor story. Hope you liked this one. If any one have any comments on it or any ladies want to have a sex relation with







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