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Rides with Sasi

Jessy Mathew


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It is early june here. The summer heat has vanished. The monsoon is pouring heavily. There is flood in the backyard. Evenings are sweet with the chirping of insects. Going home from work in sari in the rain is a task. I feel bored when rain starts. Summer is beautiful though. It was friday afternoon, I was seated in the KSRTC bus from kottayam to palai. The road is better now than a couple of years ago. There is less shacking and tilting. Today , I felt something on my but. I looked back. It was Sasi sitting behind. His foot plays a mysterious key on my but. All of a sudden, Sasi withdrew his foot on seeing the conductor. I felt a sigh of relief. Upon reaching home, I brewed coffee and turned on the tv. My brother rents malayalam movies on cdís and copies it on to the hard drive. It had more than 600 movies in store. I wondered whether he would see them again and again. But, I got the tv. I felt uneasy as I began remembering the scratching of Sasi. I knew him well. He mentioned that he is a pilgrim. He visits one holy place after another. This goes on and on. He never stays in one place committed. I knew that I am his new site. He must have touched the bum of numerous women. Holy shit. Now, he is after me. I had a gut feeling that he will get off only with me. If I got him all to myself , I would have squeezed his feet under my arse. How dare he touch my arse ? Where is the joy and happiness of togetherness ? I wanted everything in place and in order. He is only a co-passenger. But, somewhere inside, I was longing for more of sasi. So, next week, I got in the bus and saw Sasi in the same spot. After all, leopards wonít change itís spot. I took the seat behind sasi. I wanted to see what he is up to with the woman in front today. Strange to me, nothing happened. Soon I got down feeling missed action. But, to my surprise, Sasi came behind and called. Sasi:Ē hi sweety, how are you?Ē Me:Ē iím ok, thanks. Ē Sasi extended his arm and gave me candy. I didnít reject his offer, though I could. I love candy. What did Sasi think of me ? Next day, I met swapna,my coworker and a special friend. I told about my candy issue. She laughed. How stupid Sasi is! Swapna liked to compare Sasi with her friend at work. We love to see them in comparison. We allotted points and Sasi came a second only. But, Sasi thinks that he is up to something fantastic and original. He need my undivided attention in exchange for his candies. One day Sasi said that he is going to singapore to see his brother. He asked if he could buy gifts for me. I requested a nice pair of slippers. My size was 6. When he returned , he surprised me with a fancy bra. Perfect sizing of 34 and cup size b. Ever after he was in my bra all the time. Good for him. Now that the schools are opened, Sasi may be having wonderful time in the buses and he could rub against the smart kids often. I see Sasi often and greet him just to acknowledge that he is more than welcome to flirt. After all, I am bored to death in my own house, you know. My mom was in new delhi to visit my cousin. She stayed there for some time. Meanwhile her pension was terminated by the bank. They are miserable. The treasury fellow wrote that my mom is dead and closed the file forever. When mom returned, she was furious to know what they did to a fellow malayalee. We were more than troubled. The only way is to go trivandrum and meet the proper people and give them whatever they need. At this juncture, I had a chat with Sasi about this issue. He seems to what to do and more than ready to help us. He knew a few big guys at agís office and the secretariat. This is really valuable information. I got permission from my mom to go trivandrum with sasi. We got in the bus to trivandrum from kottayam. For the next four hours, we sat together like one soul and two bodies. He spoke to me about his trip overseas. He sat watching the video in flight and played games. One day, the big day- Sasi promised me a return ticket to singapore or colombo. These are vague promises men make to get their sweet heartís attention. They will wither like thakara in the bright sun. I knew it all very well. Soon we got down at thampanoor and Sasi booked a room at arya nivas and asked me to stay and relax while he goes around the bureaucracy to set my momís pension straight.. I longed to go with him. But no, Sasi was ok with the matter. At about 3:00pm , Sasi arrived with a big smile and the confidence of a winner. He said that he has migraine and liked to rest for a while. I was ready to help him in all possible manner. Now the real fun was only minutes away. He took his shirt off, revealing his hairy chest that looked like a manicured lawn. His shoulder was strong and thick. Biceps all pumped up with power. Now he called me closer. Sasi took no time to grab me closer to him. I felt his breath becoming faster. He turned me around like a toy and lifted my skirt from behind. He felt my thighs and soon his cock met my arse. It was warm too. First it brushed into my cleavage and started to stroke fast like a piston. Mean time, he owned my boobs for squeezing and kneading. It was a supreme experience. My joy had never been so good. Sasi grabbed my love handle. I said everything was ok. He could bite my shoulder and I bit his thump. It was wonderful for us. Soon my travel clock began beeping. That means time to go kottayam. We were in a hurry to go to bus stand. The road was under construction and ride was bumpy. But, I liked Sasi sitting near me and I almost slept and rested my head on his shoulder. Life is full of opportunities, I realized. One has to pluck the moment at hand and have fun. Jessy ([email protected])







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