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Sex in Mumbai Train



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This is a story when I was 29 years old. I was in Mumbai on one rainy day for some office work. I don’t live in Mumbai and was staying with my aunty in Vitthalwadi, which is about 55 kms from Mumbai. It was raining very heavily in Mumbai that day and my aunty told me in the morning to return as soon as the work was finished. My work however was delayed and I could start only after 8 PM. I had to take a bus to catch a train from the nearest Railway station. Though I was travelling in first class, it was mad rush in the train. When the train reached a station in between called Thane, the train was cancelled because further rail track was submerged in water. I called my aunty to inform her that I will be late or may even stay at a lodge. I went out and ate something and returned to Railway station hoping that trains will start again. It was 11 PM by this time and I was wet & very tired. There was a huge crowd on the totally wet platform and no place to sit. I started walking through the crowd in search of some place to sit which was hard to find. I spotted a place almost at the end of the platform. Two women were sitting there but a third person could barely manage to sit. I was not sure whether to go and sit next to them, so I went and just stood in front of them. One of the women was about 25 year old and the other must be about 32. The younger woman was wearing a lot of bangles and a huge kumkum on her forehead. The other one looked quite simple with saree and a big purse normally carried by women working in office. Both women were stealing glances at me and I was also watching them when they were not looking at me. Suddenly a man appeared there and started talking to the younger woman in some language totally unknown to me. After talking, the man and the woman with bangles went away. I thought he must be her husband and must have now made some arrangement for their travel or stay in hotel nearby. Now that there was some space for me to sit, I moved towards the lone woman. She looked a bit apprehensive as I approached her. I smiled at her to make her comfortable and asked politely whether it is OK to sit there. She nodded and allowed me to sit but moved slightly away to the corner. Seeing that there was some place to sit one man approached and requested me to move so that he can also sit. I moved towards the woman, so that the man could sit. There was not much space for three anyway, so I was sitting very close to the woman. But I sat there ensuring not to touch her, even though I wanted to touch her. Few minutes passed and the man next to me started dozing. As if to give him a bit of room I moved towards the woman. Now our thighs were touching each other. To my surprise she did not move further away but remained still. My ears became hot and I felt a bit dizzy due to her warm touch through water soaked clothes. She also was wet and must have found my closeness welcome. Now I wanted to start a conversation with her and asked her whether the trains will be starting at all or not. She looked surprised by my question, so I clarified to her that I am new in Mumbai and not much familiar with the place. She seemed relaxed and explained that there is no other option but to wait and watch. She asked where I have to go and I told her Vitthalwadi. I asked her where she will be going. She was thoughtful for a moment and told after a pause that she will be going to a place called Titwala. It was 12 PM already. I enquired how she, a woman, will now manage to go home at such an odd hour. She replied that I was right and she lives bit far from the Railway station and will not be go home alone. So she will spend the whole night on the platform. I felt sorry for her. Suddenly there was an announcement that one train will leave for Kasara. She turned to me and said, I can catch that train and go upto Kalyan and then catch auto rickshaw to go to Vitthalwadi. Concerned, I asked what about her, and she said she has to spend the night on the platform. I suggested to her to come with me to Kalyan and then try some means to go home. She was reluctant, but I pressed further and assured that I will accompany her upto her home, so she need not worry about being alone. She thought for a moment and then agreed. I was very happy that I can spend some more time with her. The announced train was standing on the other platform, so I decided to jump through the tracks and climb on the other platform. I jumped down on to the tracks and waited for her to follow. She was not able to climb down with her saree, so I offered my hand to her. She held my hand tightly and jumped awkwardly and stumbled. I tried to hold her and in that process we embraced each other. That did not seem to matter to her. I did not release her hand immediately and she also did not try to remove her hand from mine. I climbed on the other platform and again gave her my hand. This time while pulling her up on the platform, I deliberately held her close to me for few seconds. She just looked away. We were late in entering the train, so it was not easy to enter. I held her right arm by keeping my left hand fully around her to protect her from the jostling and started to push our way inside. My hand was over her breasts that were full and felt very soft. I was excited and my pulsating hardness was pressing against her buttocks. Seeing a woman, people gave way. But it was impossible to go further inside and I could get a place for her to stand in the corner of the outside corridor. I stood in front of her protecting her from the crowd. Everyone must have thought that I was her husband. Now I circled my left arm around her back and held the bar behind her tight. To my surprise, she was pushing her waist in front to touch my hard penis. People were still entering and it was difficult to hold her with one hand and hold my office pouch in another. So she took the pouch from my hand and held it between us in front of her chest. My right hand was now free and I held the handle behind her waist. Now crowd was not pushing so much, but I pretended that there is pressure from crowd and held her tightly. The train started after five minutes but was moving very slowly. I was still hard and she was still pressing her cunt against me. I brought my legs closer and placed it between the man standing next to her and her thighs. The man turned other way thinking I am her husband. Now I decided to be bold and slipped my right hand which was holding the handle near her waist bit lower to touch her buttocks. She seemed now to enjoy my movements. I opened my palm and kept on her soft buttocks. She moved slightly so that I could cup one of her buttocks fully. I started moving my right hand further below on to her thighs and started caressing them. No one was watching us since the man next to her had his back towards us. I was now not able to control myself and slowly started lifting her saree upwards. She was wearing a full length petticoat inside. I lifted the petticoat too and slipped my hand inside on to her thighs and buttocks. She appeared to be worried that someone may notice this and hence moved again to face me. I kept my right hand inside, while moving my left hand on to her back. She moved and covered her back and my hand with her saree. I started moving my left hand on her back. She was wearing a low back blouse and my hand was touching her bare back. She was very hot on my hands. The train had crossed hardly two stations in this time. I touched the hook of her bra while moving my left hand on her back. I slipped my fingers from below the blouse to expose those hooks. But the blouse was tight. I removed my right hand from her thighs and held her left shoulder from inside of her saree. I started moving my right hand from her left shoulder towards her side. She slightly lifted her left arm so that I could slip my hand between my office pouch held by her and her boobs. Her boobs were full and I started pressing her left one. She turned slightly so that anyone from her right side could not see my right hand movements on her left boob. I moved my hand from her left boob upwards towards her neck and started caressing her open chest from front. She had covered herself fully from her front as well as back and she was also holding my pouch in front so no one could see my right hand. I started unbuttoning her blouse and she gave a start. But she was not able to do anything and I undid all of her hooks in front. Now I was able to slip my left hand on her back fully and started caressing her bare back. My right hand was moving very fast on her chest and left very slowly on her back. I tilted my head towards her and started kissing her on her forehead and eyes. She closed her eyes and tilted her head backwards. I bent further forward to kiss her on her cheeks and lips. We were not able to kiss for a longer duration since we were in the train. She was also very excited now and I undid the hook of her bra from behind. I slipped my right hand through the undone bra and started caressing and pressing both her boobs one by one. Her erect nipples were quite long and I started titillating those with my fingers. She now wanted both her boobs to be pressed simultaneously. So she further turned. I pushed my left hand around her back further and held her left boob and nipple in my hand. While I moved my right hand on to her right boob. I started massaging her nipples and to my surprise they became wet. I removed my right hand and tasted my wet fingers. They were sweet. I realized with sudden pleasure that it was her milk. There now started a sudden movement of passengers towards door for getting down and she told me it was the Dombivali station where most of the crowd will get down. We went inside and sat on the seats till Kalyan arrived. Since the train did not go towards Titwala beyond Kalyan, we got down. I asked her whether she would like to have tea or coffee at the stall on the station. She didn’t say a word but walked with me to the stall. I was wondering why she is quiet and asked her while sipping my coffee, whether she is upset and did not like what I did in the train. I was very happy when she said, “No, not like that, I also liked it”. We were still having tea and the next train arrived which was going to Kasara. We boarded the train since this train passes through Titwala, her station. It was 1 PM and she asked me to go home instead of going with her upto Titwala. But I insisted and she relented. There was not much rush in the train and we easily got seats. The train was moving very fast and there were hardly any passengers in the train. She was now sitting very close to me. I was watching station name plates and was wishing that this journey should never end. But in about 15 minutes passengers in front of us got up saying “Chalo abhi Titwala ayega”. My heart sank and I pretended to go to sleep, but watching her through my half closed eyes. Titwala station came and she looked at me, looked outside and pretended to go to sleep! I was happily surprised. She opened her eyes after train left the station and asked with false surprise, “Titwala is gone”? I decided to play along and replied, “I am sorry, I was tired and went to sleep”. There were now hardly 4-5 more passengers in the train. All those passengers got down at the next station. It was 2:30 PM now and nobody boarded the train. I undid her blouse and bra in hurry and started kissing her all over her face, boobs and nipples. I kissed her hard on her lips sucking her lower lip like a candy, while fondling her breasts and nipples with my hands. I bent below and put her right nipple in my mouth and sucked hard. She moaned and clutched my head through hair tightly towards her bossom. Milk had started flowing from her nipples and I drank all that I could one by one. I realized that her boobs are mature and the nipples pretty long. So I decided to put both the nipples in my mouth together and started licking and sucking those. She was extremely excited and I moved my hand through her saree. She was not wearing any panty and I started gently massaging her clitoris with my fingers. She was all milk in her breasts and wet in her pussy. She unhooked and unzipped my pants and removed my underwear. She asked me to sit back and relax. I spread my legs and sat. She moved her saree fully up and sat in my lap. I was holding her with both my hands and she asked me suck both her nipples together. I sucked on her milk through the long hard nipples and she adjusted her cunt and my penis slided inside her. She was so wet that the insertion was smooth like velvet. I continued sucking and she started moving herself back and forth in a slow rhythm. I was supporting her with one of my hands on her buttock. My other hand was squeezing milk out her boobs. She was now moaning loudly and was reaching her orgasm. She had her orgasm but continued the movement even faster. I was also almost at the peak of my excitement it was hard hold on my ejaculation. I sucked very hard on her nipples and squeezed her buttocks and suddenly she came second time. She wanted to stop but did not allow her to stop. She was almost crying with pleasure now and I came suddenly inside her. I remained inside her for some more time still drinking milk from her boobs. Finally, she got down from my lap. The last station was arriving and we had to get down and start our journey back. Before getting down she kissed me hard on my lips and said, “I am married and have two children, but had never had sex like this. You have so much love inside you that you could give me such pleasure. I will not mind if I never have sex hereafter.” I do not know her name, neither have I ever seen her again. But I still dream that may be I will meet her again and have sex like one both of us had never had before!! Author: Mohan







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