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Sex Journey with a Beautiful Bengali Lady

Rohan Raj


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raj_ch76@rediff. Com



This is my first story for this very very loving and interesting site. I am regular viewer of this site and i have read all stories. I also want to share one of my true story to the viewer of the site. I work for a private company and have to go different places for company work. Now i am posted at guwahati. One day suddenly boss called me and told to go to kolkata that day to submit an important tender. So I booked a ii tier ticket in kolkata by kamrup express and got up in train at 9pm. The railway compartment was almost entry. It was also rainy season. I put my bag in the upper self. The train was about to start suddenly a married woman came to my cabin and asked me where 32 no seat is. It was near to my seat only. I showed her the seat. She was totally wet in rain. She was wearing a white and flowered saree and pink blouse. Her saree is stuck in her body. I was able to see clearly about the size of her boobs and buttocks. She was looking very sexy in her dress. The train was started to move. She requested me to take care of her belonging as she wanted to go to tiolet. I agreed. She came after 10 minutes with new dress red blouse and yellow saree. She was looking more sexy in that dress. She asked me about my destination. I told kolkata. The she started to ask me different question regarding my job, family etc. I also asked her about her family. She was married to a bengali businessmen and they have big jwellary shop in kolkata. They have recently opened a shop in guwahati and she is looking after the shop here as her husband was busy in kolkata. Due some business reason only she is going to kolkata. It was 10 o clock and we started make our bed. As we are only in the compartment so both are arranging the lower berth. We both went for sleep. I was looking at her beautiful figure. I was unable to move my eyes from her big boobs. They are finding it difficult under the blouse. She lied on her seat and i was looking at her. Suddenly she cought me and ask me what i was looking. I felt shame and still i told her that she is very beautiful. She came to me and started to kiss on my face. I was totally surprised at her act. She began to kiss madly. She told me to make love to her as she is not having sex for months. I started to squeeze her big boobs without removing her cloths. As the compartment was covered by curtains so I was not afraid of being seen by other. I made lie her in my seat and lift he saree to her waist. She was not wearing panty. So, i can see her hairy cunt. It was very beautiful with a red line in between. I started to lick the red line and she started to moan in pleasure. After some time she released her cunt juice and i licked them dry. Now i climbed on her and started to kiss her lips. I unbutton her blouse and bra and started to lick her nipple one by one. She started to beg me for stop. Now it was time for actual act. I inserted my huge cock into her cunt and started fucking her with great force. After 20 minutes of continuous fucking we both collapsed. Then we separated and slept on our own seat. Next day morning i got up and found that she already got down one station before kolkata. I can still remembered the lady. So anybody if interested to take full enjoyment of life and want to become a true friend please write me in raj_ch76@rediff. com. You are always welcome.







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