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First sex with Sunita Teacher



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Hi readers im sandy and this is my first story published in kerela erotica . I am regular visitor of kerela erotica and the site and stories have inspired and drived me to write my first story which has happened to me in with my teacher. Let me tell you about myself I am 5. 5 in height and well build when I was 18 years old when this happended. Now I am a engineer with about 6 in height. As I was in 18 and I am from orthodox family we were never allowed to talk or discuuss about sex in family neither I knew about sex. As usually I went to school. Let me tell you about our sunitha teacher . She is married woman and about 28 years old. I swear she looks great. She has got around 36 26 36 figure. She is of wheat brown color. She used to come to class in saree. Whenever she comes to class we used to stare at her figure. As I was always 1st in class she had a soft coner on me. Being naughty I used to write sex stories about her in rough paper and I show those stories to my friends . One day I have shown that story to my friends and I forgot to tare that paper instead I have thrown that paper crushing near teacher chair. When teacher came she started her class in the middle of the class she took that crushed paper now 1000 watts tension got kick started in my ass . She kept that paper in her bag and went away. I didnt sleep that night properly anticipating consequence. Next day she scolded me in front of every one as she recognised my hand writing . In the paper it was written this way "ooo sunitha teacher ass is like burger buns I want to bite them all her yellow lemon are never the less as soft as ssania mirza breast I wanna suck them alll I want to sqeeeze her booobs spanking her asss ooh god she is sex bomb , I want to cum on her face " she came to me in personel ans said how dirty you are. I never thought u are like this . Let me inform your mother about this she said. I got scared and said sorry madam sorry please leave me please. . . . . And I begged her like hell in the end she has agreed that she wont tell my mother about the letter. After classes we used to have study hour. And it was sunitha teacher whose is incharge. . I am scared and I was all upset. She took me to staff room . She took my hand and said dont worry sandy dont feel guilty of that letter you have right to fantasize there is nothing wrong but u should not write in paper okay. I felt comfortable later she was sitting in chair and I was standing nearby she pulled me and gave warm hug as she was sittinin chair my rod is at her booooobs level and during hug my dick sensed her soft left boob and I had an instant hard on. . She too felt my hardon and said u naughty. From that day I was waiting for chance. Whenever I find her going to her chamber alone I used to follow her and used to spank her ass in chamber. Sometimes I used to kiss her . One day after school it was raining climate is filled with romance and my rod is have haron so I went to sunitha teacher room she was checking exam papers. . . As I m all wet coz of rain I took her saree pallu and dried myself in the course I saw her clevage and big bobs ooooh great. She was scolding me I hugged her and pressed her ass simultaneously and fondling her hips she got aroused she was scared too as someone can notice but I hav assured her that no one is there noticing us . She also gave be a French kiss I started kissing her all over her face bitting her ears licking her neck now on to her soft boobs now I am behaving like a dog to unhook her blouse with my teeth she is moaning and I was successful she is wearing black bra I hav removed her bra with my teeth and started sucking her boobs oh god she has got brown nipples im squeezing those brown n hard nipples with my lips. . . . . She is rubbing my rod over the pant she has gone mad and removed my pant aggressively in the end my dick head is peeping though underwear then I stood on my knees and licked her belly and moved to south her sweet shaved pusy though little brown and loose I licked that hardly then she gave me a nice memorable blow job by licking my rod head slowly increasing her speed and then went in missionary position. That was the most memorable day I ever had in my life . If u like the story please let me know so that I will tell you how I had fuck with her again in dressing room on our annual day thanks for reading this. . . . . Ur sweet sandy







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