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Maalu my servent woman



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After my play with Laxmi forlong days , I have shifted my house as my employer allotted me a company house.It had three bed rooms and all facilities including car shed.I was sorry that my emergency kit of laxmi`s vagina was lost as my next house was far off from the old house. I cannot go to the old place and find her hut.After all, a person like me has no time to serch a prostitue and it is not safe. As if she got a doubt, my wife always employed old ladies or very young girls not matured. But, these girls always left the job or were irregular. One day, she could get a woman, very lean and thin.She was not able to speak much as she had some child hood health problems. In the mean time, my wife got a job and she went to attend the same daily . The new maid servent used to come some days after my wife left for her office. She was married and had a normal child out of the marriage, a girl of 8years old.But the man left her as she could not satisfy his manly sexual needs. My wife was very sure that,I will not look at this new one as she was not much faminine.I loved fleshy women with good boobs and good chanthy.Malathy had not much good breast, not good buttecks.. She was lean and not speak much also to attract a man. One day I was attending my phone call and very busy discussing a business plan with my officer. I was lying in an easy chair with my legs up. The new maid servent malathi was working in the house. Wife had gone to office and children to the school. Malu was sweeping the floor, and she came to my room.As I was busy in my phone call, I did not notice her in the room . She came near me and touched my thighs and spoke" Iddu cheppu"(speak about this) pointing at my cock which was visible to her through my clothe ( mundu) . I was sorry that the woman has seen the cock.But she pushed me by her thigh so that she can sweep the floor freely. When her thigh touched my thigh, I had a soft feeling of the woman`s skin.yes, the female skin,,.I loved it.I stopped my teleconversation quickly and got up to give her space to moove in the room.While getting up again, my mundu gave way and my thigh and loins exposed.The mundu fell down and I was naked. Maalathi(maalu ) looked at it with a smile and with an eager eye.She had not seen a man`s cock for a long time as generally, no other man looks at a thin womon like her.She was fair, had long eyes.long hair. But did not have good health.Her eager looks at my pennis….its hairs..her welcome smile in appreciation of the private parts of mine…this attracted me… It made me aroused and I took her to my bed.She had a very small breast, but good black nipples.I sucked them one by one…licked them. .Malu had small buttecks.I undressed her. Maalu was shy and was resisiting mildy with womonly thirst .She asked me whether I had operations done? I told her that I had vasctomy done long back and she need not worry."You are stong and I am thin.." she spoke in Telugu."I may die after fucking..Maalu was afraid.I convinced her.I slowly kissed her, sucked her nipplesagain and kissed the buru(POORU). I did not have condoms with me. But my desire was such that I slowly inroduced my sunni(Kunna) in to her pussy. Gentle men..will you was the softest pooru in to which I have ever introdued my cock. Very soft silky, slippery.. And sweet. Little pussy.Very tight..bu really good and enjoyable… She had good black hairs on her pooru.. They entered her vagina and gave me pleasure..My hairs, her hairs.. Her poorum pre..oil..and love..erotic sounds from her." .maa…amma.. Enecheyyali…amma..".I loved the morning show with Maalu.. Ayya.. Meve..bhagvan….(Sir you are God)…she moaned..Iplayed soft . Stopped for a while..tehn played … With Maalu it was an open sex with out condoms..and luckily..I was safe no problems acme to me..But I generally do only with condoms.Of course, there was no HIV those adys reported in India.. This sex play wit h Maalu made me understand that it is neither the buttecks, nor the size of the woman that matters in sex. It is the softness of the well prepared woman`s vagina that give you pleasure. I played with her slowly and enjoyed the fucking with a lean and thin woman who does not have much flesh in her bosy, but had a very good pooru, soft,,,,wonderfull..As she was not healthy, I did not prolong the play with her.I ejected my milk fast after1 5 minutes considering the health of my partner after she requested me to stop.. Fully satisfied…(my normal time is minimum 45 minutes.. In side the vagina.This has satisfied even my African andRussina women satisfied who always . My African woman loved woman on top on plays …. On my top and animal poses. Thenga pothy by her..and my paara up right…Russin was very sexy and did licking, kissing.. And I played up mostly..) Gentle men ..if any boady has any doubt please write to me.This is a real story..I shall not forget my life. She gave me pleasure.. Love..and real sex with a tight pussy, slippery pussy..miky pussy..soft pussy.. If any woman, man or couples are/ is having problem, in sexplease letme know about it .Experienced free advice shall be given. I have played sex in many countries, many states and with many women. I Do love is enjoyment of life. … "Let us play let us enjoy it..let us make our partners also enjoy sex…. Please write to me at [email protected]







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