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Experience with a doctor



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Hello All, My name is Jaya, 37 years old, married and with a kid. I joined a new company and as part of the joining formalities, I had to undergo a medical exam. I chose an Apollo clini near my house and booked an appointment. I went there in the morning and gave blood, urine and stool samples, completed by x-ray and the other tests. The only thing pending was the physcial examination by a doctor. Whenever I had gone for a medical exam in the past, this used to be a quick 2 minute thing - open your mouth, stehescope, abdomen pressing and that's it. So I walked into the doctor's room, expecting the same. The doctor was a old man - maybe around 58. He was really pleasant and asked me my name and some medical history. He then explained that he would be doing a thorough medical exam as the company required him to do an extensive exam and report any findings to them. I said OK, not quite understanding what a thorough exam meant. I was wearing a saree with a sleeveless blouse. The doctor checked my eyes, throat, ears and then asked me to lie down on the exam table face up. He then asked me to drop my saree and unbutton my blouse and bra. I was shocked and did'nt know what to do. The doctor realized that I was shocked and quickly comforted me saying that he needed to examine my breasts and I do not need to worry. He was a doctor and has seen a lot of naked bodies. I don't know how I got comforted quickly, but dropped my saree and unhooked my blouse and bra and pulled them above my breasts. The doctor then examined my breasts by carressing them and then pinched my nipples. I got excited and my nipples stood up.. I am sure he noticed it. He then told me that my breasts seemed fine and went to examine my abdomen. He pressed and squeezed my abdomen. I was ready to get off the table, when told me that he would be doing a vaginal exam and then a rectal exam and it would be easiest to do this if I removed my saree and my petticoat. Though I was shocked, I did not show it.. I was also probably a little excited after the breast exam - so I quietly did what he asked me to. I was standing in front of him with my just my panties, bra and blouse. He then asked to lie down again face up. He proceeded then to re-examine my abdomen, this time the lower part, just above my panties. He then said that he would be pulling my panties down below my knees and started doing this while he was speaking. He then asked me to spread my legs, and examined the vaginal area. He then wore a glove and inserted a finger into my vagina and stroked the inside. I was really excited and wet - I am sure he noticed this too. He then asked me to turnaround. He then spread my buttocks and examined my anus. He then asked me to lift my buttocks and then probed the insides of my anus with a finger. I am sure he saw my vagina in full view from the backside. His hands brushed my vagina a few times. Afer this, he told me that the exam was over and everything looked OK. I then dressed up and left. I really enjoyed the exam though I don't know if it is correct or not. After this, having a male docotr examine me thoroughly seems to become a big fantasy for me - have also gone to 2 other male doctors for a exam, but none were as good as the first one I had with the old guy. I am planning to visit him for a personal medical exam again soon.







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