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A Rare Pooja



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Belive or not this is actually happened and still practiced It was in Oct 2006.I have been working in Geological department in Karnataka state of India. One day as part of my duty I visited a very remote village there. It was a badly underdeveloped village. A few people could read and write. But they were honest, gentle and pious. It so happened that one day I rescued the life of a young man, Deva from near death. He was the son of the village head. This incident made me one among them. I became a God for them. There after I was a regular participant in all their festivals and celebrations. One day again I visited that village for official work. Whenever I went there I would meet the boy and his family. This time they were getting ready for some special pooja. A fully decorated big temporary hall was setup. It was a festival mood. I asked Deva about it. When he told me about it I was surprised and embarrassed. But he did not disclose the details.This was done once in 6 years. After discussing with other elders he told me that if I like I could also take part in this pooja on the strict condition that I must obey all the rules regarding this. He said making any error will cause disaster. As I said earlier this jester was only because of my special position among them. Otherwise they never allow an outsider, not even to go near. I agreed. It became evening. The hall was fully lit with small oil lamps. Pundit was ready. Deva asked me to take bath and come. He gave me a dhoti to wear. When I came back to the hall Deva’s father once again cautioned me not to break any instructions from Pundits. You will understand later why this is. In the hall about 25 young men were standing. Chanting of mantras was going on in a room inside the hall. We were given some thing to drink.The first person was asked to go inside. Yes pooja started. I waited with bated breath for my turn. Frankly speaking I had some fear in mind. Suddenly my turn came and I was asked to go in. I entered through the red curtain into the inner hall. Inside of it was partially lit by oil lamps .There was yet another room inside. A priest was standing in the dim light. He called me near and in a hard voice asked me to remove the dhoti. I was shocked. But remembered the strict instructions given me earlier and followed the command. In a while I stood completely naked before him. I consoled because there was not a third person. He chanted some mantras and sprinkled some water on me. Then he gave me a plate containing flowers, chandan, and a small vase of water and nodded to go inside. By now, I was very much embarrassed and confused as now I was forced to become naked and I am not in apposition to oppose also. Finding no other way out I entered the next room. My eyes blinked for a while as it was lit more brightly with the yellow light from the oil lamps. When I opened my eyes, I was shocked as I was standing naked in the middle of about 15 pretty girls. All the girls were almost fully naked except a small piece of cloth just hiding their pubes and two pieces barely covering the boobs. All of them were dancing. I have no words to express my state, one must experience it. I was sweating and shivering. I tried hard to hold the plate. Two girls caught my hands and led me in the centre. There another girl was seated fully naked such that she was sitting on her butts with the legs spread wide and leaning backwards supported by her hands. She was the deity conferred. She was selected to receive the offerings for the deity. I could not believe my eyes. I have never seen before a matured girl completely nude. But to my surprise my dick was still down. I did not understand what was happening. I could not come to my senses. One lady asked me to kneel between the legs of the deity girl. I started pooja as instructed by the girl pundit. First I washed her (deity’s) pussy with the water in the vase, and then kissed there three times. Applied chandan and some powder given to me in the plate. All the time I was chanting some mantra dictated by the girl pundit and the girls were dancing around us. Then I was asked to get up. Then came near to her left boob. It was big. I sprinkled water, kissed it and put chandan. This was repeated at the other one also. I circled her three times. The pooja was over. The girl pundit led me to next room. No one else was there. She made me to stand against a wall and tied my hands and legs to hooks fitted on the wall. Then Given me some thing bitter to drink and left room. Suddenly I felt energized and my dick began to stand up. At this time she came back and caught hold of my balls and dick. I could not move as I was tied. Her hands worked on my private parts and I let my juice out. She collected it in a bottle. Then She released me and poured water over my head and body. A string was tied on my dick, kissed it and sent me to next room. All my predecessors were there. They told me that they were supposed to be naked for one full day. We were given only some milk during this time. After 24 hours we were allowed to dress and leave the hall. Any way I enjoyed the ritual. I met my friend and he told me that it was called “yoni pooja”. He said the liquid given to drink first time was to subside our sexual power and at the end to quickly revive it. He explained that the semen stored inside during pooja is like venom and should be expelled. That is why the girl masturbated us. I requested him to invite me next time also. Rajan ; [email protected]







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