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My First Sex Experience with Manju



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Hello friends this is Satish Nair (name changed for privacy) from Mumbai, I am regularly visiting this site and read mostly all stories. This has given me an inspiration to share my first sex experience with all readers. When I was bachelors and staying at Mulund. We were 3 sharing 1bhk flat at a good housing society in shree nagar. I was woking with a company situated at Navi mumbai which was in MIDC area, so my weekly off is on Friday. My other room mates were working at mumbai side and they were enjoying Sunday as weekly off. Which was very tough for me, on my weekly off I couldn’t spent time with my friends outside and that was so boring for me. In the society most of the people were working only 2 ladies were house wife, so gradually I got friendship with those ladies as they also watching me that we are not making any trouble to anybody in the society and tried to help people in need whenever we are available.. One day when I was chatting with mrs.Anita (one of the lady) she asked me to take tuition on Fridays for her son to get out of my boring, which I sldo felt good so I have started taking tuitions in a month time I was enjoying teaching and mrs Anita appreciated me about the improvement on her son. One day Anita came with her friend (Mrs, Manju) who is staying next to our society and requested to take tuition for her friend’s son also who is studying with Anita’s son. As both students were in same class there is no additional effort required so, I agreed the same. Mrs. Anita expressed her tanks on accepting her request. Mr. Manju is staying with her in-laws, her husband is working with a multinational company in marketing and mostly he is travelling. She is very fair and sexy. I actually got attracted towards her height. (I have fantasy for the girls who are tall). Mrs. Manju is to come regularly to Anita’s house to drop her son (Manoj) and she is to wait there till class ends, sometime manju is to come to my flat for getting feedback of manoj she normally wear transparent sarees which will give clear view of her body and that makes her more beautiful. One day when I was giving feedback of her son Manoj, that day she wore a red sari with transparent pallu, she wore deep neck blouse and white bra inside, so I could see her half boobs clearly, for some time I forgot myself and looked that part only, which she noticed and she broke the conversation and left. I thought this is the last class for manoj and she won’t send him to the tuition anymore and she may take this matter to Anita, such thinking makes me disturbed. to my surprise Manoj came for the tuition which gives me little relax. After that there was no personal meeting had with Manju for almost two months. It was Diwali time and most of the people had gone to native place because children are having vacation. Anita has also gone to her native place she informed me that manju will not be going for vacation so I can continue taking tuitions. But manju’s in-laws are going to native place with anita. One day manoj invited me to his birthday party at 7pm, I went to his flat at around 9:30pm because I was busy in office for the whole day and forget about the birthday pary, I bought one gift for manoj. I rang the bell and Mrs. Manju opened the door. My eyes and mouth was wide opened to see her with a pink sari in which she looked like sex goddess. She received me with a smile and welcomed me in. As it was late night manoj was slept, I said sorry for the delay in coming and explained about the reason behind the delay. Manju served me cake and drink. And we started chatting normally as nothing happened someday back. As it was already late I was about to leave she followed me up to main door and wished goodnight. Also she apologize for not meeting from last two months as her in-law father was not feeling good, that is the reason she couldn’t make out. That night I was unable to sleep properly thinking about her. So next day when manoj came I gave my mobile no. in his book and ask him to tell his mother she can call me for feedback instead of coming to my place. Next Thursday night I got a call from Manju saying that manoj had gone to native place with her sisters and won’t be coming for tuition for next 15days. Also she informed me that her husband has gone to states for seminar and he will be coming after 4 days so she couldn’t go to Kerala. And our chatting continued, in the middle of our chatting sex topic had come and she was talking more freely about that topic and I was feeling nice feeling under my pant. She asked me about my college life official life also asked me about my girlfriend; I said I don’t have…. Suddenly she asked me whether I have any sexual experience with any lady and I gave her the fact that till date I never touched any lady on sexual feeling which she likes. Middle of that I asked about her sexual life for which she said she is not actually happy with the same because her husband is always travelling and whenever he comes he just completes in seconds and she never got satisfaction and started crying. I tried to change her mood and said if she needs any help she can call me on my cell I will try my best, she showed her gratitude for the same and we completed our conversation. It was Friday I wake late because of my weekly off, my roommates had already gone for work, I completed my morning things and was thinking about the way to spend time for whole as manoj is also not there for Tuition. Around 11am I got call from manju she asked if I am free can I go to her place….. I rang the bell and she was wearing the Pink sari with the transparent pallu. She greeted me and offered seat and she brought me a glass of water, while I was drinking my eyes had a contact of her half nacked boobs, which she noticed and gave a naughty. Then she started yesterdays topic and again her eyes are getting wet, I stood up from sofa and hold her sholder immediately she rest her head on my sholder and started crying slowly I pressed my hand on her sholder and my pant was getting tight which was touching her, she had noticed that and smiled on me. I put some water in my hand and put on her face which she likes but some water fall on her sari which became wet and got stick to her chest, she was surprised but she liked the cold water on her body. She said that she will change her sari and come and went inside the bedroom, I slowly followed her and peeked in the room, she first removed her sari, she was not wearing any petticoat inside, and unhooked her blouse buttons and removed her blouse, and she was not wearing the bra also. So I slowly grabbed her from behind and I covered her boobs with my hand and we both fell on the bed. She laughed and turned me and hugged me tightly. I planted a kiss on her lips and she responded me well and I kissed her neck earlobes to make her hot. Then I shifted towards bottom and started sucking her boobs, I like medium boobs and her boobs were sexy. She was moaning and held me tightly to her boobs. She was trying to put her arms under my shirt so I removed my shirt and pants and was on my brief. My brief had a buldge and she was looking at like a child looking on box filled with chocklate. Then I again started kissing her and sucking her and went down and removed her panty with my mouth, her panty also smelled good and her pussy was completely shaved. And I sucked her pussy for some time and she got up and removed my brief with her mouth and my 7” cock came out saluting her and she immediately took it in her mouth and started giving blowjobs. I came in her mouth without telling her and she accepted it and then cleaned my cock neatly. Then it was the turn of the final round that is fucking…… I asked her in which manner she wants, so she got up and she was on top of me. And sat on my belly and took my cock and placed on the opening of her pussy and pushed her down, as she was mother of 2 there was no problem in penetrating the cock in, so I also lifted my hip up and down to make it rhythmic and she closed her eyes and I grabbed her boobs, she was enjoying the ride as her husband never allow her to ride and they have sex once in 2 weeks and she was found of sex very much. So she enjoyed getting fucked and after fucking for 10-20 mins I said that I was about to come and she got up and took it in her mouth and drank the whole semen and made my cock dry. This continued for few days only her in-laws came back and our privacy had gone. Against we have started our normal life me office work and Tuition she her hose work but now she had shifted to kerala completely. I am staying in mumbai, I am expecting your comments on [email protected]







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