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A Beautiful Malappuram lady



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Hello.....this is the first time iam posting a story in this amazing keralaerotica site,,,the stories in these are surely chilling and absolutely attractive................................ Let me introduce myself first..... I am Nizaam 23 years old from calicut city. I come from a rich family and live in a colony with my parents. I am going to tell my real life experience with my neighbour a malappuram lady ,she is about 26 years she lives next to my home, I usually goes to her home with homemade recipes by my mother to her...she was a bit shy character, wouldnt talk much..but she would talk with me for long timeabout her childhood and her college.. her husband is a psychiatrist, quite an eccentric guy. Whenever he sees me ,he used to tell about sciences,which was rather quite boring . once when I went to her home with the recipe,she for the first time talked about her husband with me.. she sounded quite depressed with him coz he was too eccentric a man,always buried his head in books, watching science channels.all that..i used to get her movie cds..and I saw she always selected romantic movies.. I used to feel very stimulated wen I c she was very fair and had rosy cheeks,and nic body shape..i k came to know of my feelings for her wen I dreamt of her and nearly wett by bed at nite...since then iused to go to her home more often..i knew she had a bit of dark side in her when she asked to take murder cd for her.. so one saturday morning I went to their home.. I wore a loose t shirt and pant..i rang the bell ,and she opened the door,,.. she wore a red nighty,with a black shawl on her head,she looked very gorgeous..and I could feel my penis turning to a red hot rod.. she asked to me to follow to her bedroom..when I reached there. she asked me to help her to move the bed to the other room...we both kneeled down to lift the bed when her shawl fell down...i could see the part of her cleavage of her beautiful breasts... I felt like losing my control.. but I aso feared whether she would shout at me if I kiss her..i placed the bed back in position,,, she was staring at me.i slowly moved towards her.i pressed my hand on her hand and all of a sudden gave a kiss on her cheek...just after I kissed I stood still shivering with fear,,,but she didnt say a word , she kept looking at me..i kissed her again..., she has closed her eyes...i regained my guts... and gav her a french kiss..her lips I felt were the softest thing in the world..i licked her lips again and again..then I proceeded to kiss her neckfrom side to side,,,then slowly rmoved her..nighty..her body was quite fair,,,, I kissed her breasts and licked it again and again,,,i lifted her legs up....and kissed her toes ,,..legs...thighs...and her buttockss....she pressed me hard to her bodyythen I fucked hermany times ,,,and finally after two hours...i returned mom asked why I was that late ,,i just replied the recipe was realll tastyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. ...she was quite happy I hav moved my home to another place in calicut.... I had some other experiences too which I shall share with u next time.. plz write to me about ur suggestions to [email protected].... thanking u Nizaam...







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