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Taming My Sexy Aunt



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I am a regular reader of Kerala Erotica. Though I was a bookworm reading various books, sex novels and human digest books I was finally attracted to Kerala Erotica. It was thrilling for me in reading various sex experiences in Kerala Erotica. I would like to narrate my first sex experience that was during my college days when I was studying in Trichy (Tamilnadu). One of our close family friends a widowed aunty was taking care of us. I was obsessed with the aunty because she had huge boobs and a sexy butt and her age was 42.Her name was lakshmi. I have read sex encounters but never had experience and I was looking for the first opportunity and it came in my way. My parents were out of station and I was thinking about aunty in my mind. After dinner I applied powder and I was smelling fresh auntie asked me what is the special I said nothing and I said we will sleep. Every day I used to sleep with aunty but today I was sleeping closer to aunty and I started chatting about her past and how she had her schooling. While I was talking I touched her hands and at times stroking her legs. Further I slipped my hands on auntís belly and I said I am tired, she said sleep but now I insisted and held her soft belly closely to me. She said I am naughty and she said she was tough during youthful days and nobody dared to touch me and she pushed me aside to sleep on my own. I could not sleep and I was thinking what I should do. After sometime I touched her soft belly I had the feeling of velvet in my hands, I was slowly rubbing her belly and my hands went upto the breasts and with fear in my mind I just touched and pressed on her breasts and then squeezed it softly so that she will not wake up. She slowly started moving and I kept quiet, further I started playing for 1/2hr and she caught my hands and she shouted at me turn that side. I turned the other side and I kept quiet for some time and finally I drew courage and I started getting closer to her and my prick (brother) started getting erect and I pushed my brother near aunts big butt and I started pressing softly on her sari. I had wonderful feeling on my brother and I wanted to further play but I was afraid. I slowly put my hands on her belly and I started pressing my brother on her butt. I could not control and I pulled auntie harder to me and I kept pressing my brother. Auntie said hey what are u doing and turned towards to me and stared at me and I was holding her belly very close to me I said auntie please and this worked finally. She smiled and I kissed her very softly and the sweet saliva tasted like honey and I started roaming my hands on her. Auntie became my teacher and she gave me a good kiss and she said you are a small boy and I started removing her clothes and she removed my clothes. She started passionately kissing all over my body and I did the same for her. She stared sucking my breasts which were large at that time and I started sucking her breasts as a small child. My hands started roaming auntís cunt (Sister) and I could feel the wetness. Now she said she was enjoying the whole time earlier and she was only trying to give me suspense and delay only. She started crying since for long years she did not have any sex and she was starving, and she took me like a small child in her alms and shs gave me milk and after some time she came upon me and inserted my brother in sister and she started weeping with joy and I had the real experience I was enjoying a great feeling. She rammed me like hell and almost after 30minutes I came in her and she started kissing all over my face. I said I wanted again and we had fucked like hell till morning and we slept till morning 10am in the morning. When we got up auntie said I can have her any time without affecting her modesty. After that night we were sleeping together and she taught how to have sex in her butt and all positions. She said I am your wife and you are my husband and we cuddled with each other always. Two years were unforgetful with her and she left to another place with tears swelling and I do not know what has happened after that since all her relatives moved to another place. I still long for similar experiences any aunty or widower interested I will be happy to meet u and utmost confidentiality assured. Anybody in Chennai or in Tamilnadu u can have my immediate reply. I hope you liked my experience and please mail me on [email protected]







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