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Sex with Handsome Naren



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Hi friends, this is my true story. I am Renuka from Mumbai. I am 44 years old. I am a divorcee. I got divorced 8 years back. I had a son who at that time was 4 years. After divorce, my husband took my son along with him to the US. Now they are there and I have not met them since then. After my divorce, I moved to a new place in a 2 bhk flat, and now I shuttle between mumbai and kerala every three-four months. So, now it is a cool and nice enjoyable life for me. I teach bharat natyam to young students, all girls. I take classes 4 days a week. I am good looking and I have maintained myself also well due to the dance practice which I do daily. One of my student is a beautiful girl called Disha who is 20 years old. She has an elder brother who is 26 yrs now. His name is Naren. They stay in my society. Naren is a very popular boy not only in our society but in that whole locality. He is a very decent boy and helpful. He is a very jovial person but at the same time, he is matured for his age and he is known to be a quick decision maker. Just near to our society, he has his own shop where he has a business of software development and hardware solutions. He is in this business with three more of his friends. In fact, all mothers in our society want their children to be like naren. He does not have any bad habits that any one knows of. We both talk to each other quite often. He behaves very nicely. I know that the young boys of my society always want to see a glimpse of me. I have known through people and some girls that many boys talk about me. One day at around 4 in the evening, when I had finished with my classes, I went out to get some things from the market. At that time, naren was also leaving from the car park on his bike. When he saw me, he asked me casually as to where I am going. When I told him he asked me if he should drop me on his bike. I told ok and so I got behind. I was catching the bar behind. He asked me what I do when I am free, I said nothing, just reading books or watching tv. When I asked him if he gets free time, he said that he takes time out everyday and his biggest time pass is going to the movies. I learnt that he watches all the moves which are released in theaters. I said that it has been years that I have been to a cinema. He immediately offered to take me if I didnít mind. I smiled and by that time we reached the market. He said that he will be really delighted if I could accompany him one day to watch a movie. I was confused. He said ďdonít worry renuka aunty, tomorrow we both are going to see a movie. I am surely going tomorrow and I will take you too. It has been a long time since iíve watched a movie with anyone and you are the best partner now. You will not bore me because I love to watch movies without being disturbed. So, tomorrow at 11 in the morning I will see you this very place and from here we are going to fun republic to watch a movie. Ē saying this, he said bye and left. The whole day I was excited and also nervous. I had not been out like this since my divorce and I was excited about going out and that too with a young boy. I was apprehensive at first but then I decided to go... After all even I have to have a little enjoyment. Next day I had no classes. I started dressing up at 9:30 itself. I was never serious about my dressing but that day, I wanted to look nice. I put a light blue saree with a dark blue blouse with a deep back cut. I wore long silver ear rings and tied my hair into an amboda. I put light cream lipstick too and a long black bindi. When I reached the place, I saw that all men were looking at me. I knew that I was looking really good. After two minutes naren came, he just stared at me and didnít speak a word. He said ďaunty you will give a complex to the young college girls, and we both laughed. We reached fun republic at 12:15. The show was to start at 12:30. It was hum tum. Our seats were the couple seats where there was no one behind us. He told me this is his usual place even if he comes alone coz no one disturbs you. The film started shortly. I was seeing a movie in the theater may be after 8 years. Naren was grossly engrossed in the movie, so was i. After sometime, I felt narenís hand on my arms. He was catching my right arm with his right hand. I looked at him. As soon as I turned my head to look at him, he came nearer and kissed me on my lips. I donít know what happened but I responded and slowly we opened our mouths and our tongues met and started wrestling. This went on for about two minutes when I felt his palm on my breast. We continued kissing and the pressure of his hands on my breast started to increase and slowly he was massaging them tightly and I started moaning. As we were kissing, he took my hand and moved it towards his cock and I kept my hand on his cock. It was rock hard. We released ourselves. He said ďlets go to your place, I want to make love with you. Ē we left the movie hall and drove fast to our building. We straight went to my house. We both were desperate. As soon as we entered, we started kissing, then made love, he kissed my whole body he ate my nipples, my boobs, my pussy, he fucked my ass, he fucked my boobs, wow, it was so nice. Even while writing this, I am fingering myself because that was the love which I got from his body. He introduced me to his three friends and we all have fun, sometimes together and sometimes one by one. I have sex now five times a week and I am very happy and my face has started glowing more, my figure has improved still, and I look younger. Now I want to find this joy with more new younger boys, but those who can keep this a secret. Any adult guys aged 18 to 32 from mumbai and kerala are welcome. You can contact me at [email protected] Renuka







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