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Sathya Bhama Chechi, My Sex Mistress

Ananthan Menon


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Hi everybody, I am Ananthu from Thrissur. I am a devotee of this wonderful Kerala Erotica site and I would like to post before U my first sex experience with SathyaBhama Chechi. She is my neighbor and my friend Sushama's mom. She is my sex Mistress because I learned every thing regarding sex from her only. This was happened before 13 years when I was studying for Plus 2. At that time she was in her 42 and I was 18. According to her, she is a well-matured tall women with fatty armpits, well-shaped boobs, fatty thighs with shaped butts. Normally she used to wear saree and always I will try to watch her buxom boobs. Night times I have seen several times her pissing scenes (village area night times almost all ladies are pissing in outside only) and I masturbated a lot. Now also I got very much excited while seeing a pissing scene. Her husband Vijayan was working at Chennai and he will come to residence monthly once only, also he is an alcoholic. They have one daughter Sushama. After passing SSLC Sushama got admission for Nursing in a Hospital at Ernakulam. That time Vijayan was not available at here. Sathyabhama chechi asked me to come along with them to Ernakulam for making admission and accommodation for Sushama. We three gone to Ernakulam and made her admission O.K. While returning both we used to sit in same seat in the bus. During journey we chatted many subjects and attached more. My hand was touching her thick boobs and occasionally she pressed it to my hands. Now she is alone at home and she asked my mother to spare me during night time, because she is not able to stay alone. My mother agreed. I am also ready to go because I want to see her body closely. That day after supper I went to her house. She was watching TV and was wearing a red blouse and black underskirt. She asked me to sit and watch TV because she has not finished her food. I told her 'you can finish your supper'. When she stood up I watched her big boobs and buttocks. She came back with food and sat near to me. It was a Hollywood movie running with action. We started chatting and she purposely changed the subject to sex. I suspected that she is purposely coming to that subject. She told that actually foreigners are enjoying sex and our people are not enjoying the maximum level. After Sushamas birth her husband is having some problem with erection and she is not satisfied. I told that chechi don't worry, every thing will be O.K. Kutta, I am in desp. Because her friends around age 50 - 55 are now also enjoying sex very well. That topic stopped. After lunch she went to kitchen. My cock was in fully erected condition and I started pre-cum. Even though I got green signal, I am waiting to get a starting point. She called me to the kitchen and gave some fruit juice. Then she asked kutta, do you want to watch the movie? No, I want to sleep. Suddenly she asked me to accompany her to outside, she want to piss (she donít have toilet inside the house). I got excited, she put off the light and we both went outside. She lifted her underskirt and untied Onnara (she used to wear Onnara, not Panties) and sat down and gently parted her pussy lips. She told that you can also piss. No chechi, I finished from my house. She started pissing and I can hear the oozing sound. My cock was in fully throbbing condition. After pissing she told me kutta, I forgot to bring water. So you bring some water in a mug. I brought a mug of water and handed over to Sathyabhama. She cleaned her pussy, stood up and wored her onnara. I asked just like an innocent boy chechi, why you are cleaning your pussy after pissing? She replied with a smile that according to ladies organ is not like gents. Pee is coming from inside and every time after pissing it should be clean to avoid infection. She again asked have you ever seen a pussy? I replied no, aunty and it was my great desire. Donít worry I' ll show you and teach you every thing. We both entered to the bedroom and she put on a night lamp. We both sat near on the bed. Suddenly I lost my control, I hugged her and we started kissing. I unbuttoned her blouse and untied underskirt. Now she is in a black brassier and Onnara . She removed my lungi and undies. My cock was in fully erected. She took my cock and started moving up and down the foreskin. I again started precum. I was in fire and started massaging her boobs. I unhook her bra and sucked her 1/2" long black nipples. I sucked both her nipples and hairy armpits. She started moaning 'ente mulakannu valichu kudikkada'. She continued the blow job with her hands. Then she told that, kutta, nee malarnnu kidakku, njan ninte kunna kudichu tharam. She started sucking my dick. She rounded the head as well as my balls of my dick with her tongue. I lost my control and ejaculated in to her mouth. She sucked and swallowed till the last drop. After this she told that don't worry, this will happen to everybody, why becoz this is your first experience. She took my shaft into her mouth and sucked hardly. She also massaged my balls. After 5 mins my dick got ready for another firing. I tried to remove her onnara. She also helped me. She asked me that kutta ninakku pooru kanande? venam chechi. She parted her legs and I come in front. That was the first time I am seeing a pussy in live. She is having a very large fatty pussy lips and a big clitoris (Kanth) that I have not ever seen for other ladies. She guided my right hand middle finger into her pussy and asked me to move up and down and also told to rub her clitoris with left hand. She again started moaning and told me that 'ente poorum kanthum kudichu thada'. Her pussy was filled with love juices. I started sucking her pussy lips and clit with great joy and ectacy. After 5-6 minutes she cried and told 'ente pooru panni polikkeda, kunne'. Even though I am seeing several blue CDs, actually I donít know how to fuck. I told her I was not experienced. She told that 'nee kidanno, njan mukalil kayari panni tharam'. I laid down, she climbed on me and gently parted her pussy lips and guided my dick in to her pussy. Then she pressed and positioned. My dick gone inside her pussy with a 'pluck' sound and I can feel the heat inside. She started moving up down slowly. After a few strokes she moaned herself and her pussy also started making noises. She asked me to insert one of my finger into her ass hole. I did so. Her face was changed and started breathing heavily by making some anonymous noises. She shouted 'eda kunne, ente pooru panni polikkeda'. During her heavy strokes I can feel her 1-1/2" long stiff clit rubbing on my dick. Her fatty pussy lips massaged my balls. After few strokes she collapsed with a long orgasm with thrashing noises Ooooooooo........... aaaaaaaaaaaaa.............. yooooooooooo.... I am seeing first time a lady got orgasmed. She lied on me and tied me with her hands with a murmuring sound. After some time she got up. My dick was in fully erected position covered with her pussy juices. She was exclaimed and started sucking my dick and balls vigorously. I inserted my finger in to her ass hole and pussy and tickled. She was well experienced in sucking and I lost my control and I cummed in to her mouth. She sucked and licked my sperm and cleaned my dick. She asked how you feel?. I replied very nice. We went outside, cleaned our genitals and planned for a second fucking. We played in different types and models like sucking, licking, ass fucking, tit fucking etc. She made me a better and best pussy sucker. This was my first fucking experience. Now also we are doing sex. Now she is 55 and myself 30, mostly now we are doing anal fucking and sucking. I was introduced to 3 more ladies by Sathyabhama. Santha, Vilasini and Saraswathy. All are matured and horny housewives aged 49, 50 and 53 respectively. Now she is trying to get the 4th. Our group orgy experiences I will write later. Bye for this time. My encounters will continue........ Next time I will try to add more Malayalam dialogues. Everybody Is Welcome With Their Comments. Especially from ladies. Any Girls, Ladies Or Moms Between 17-50 Or Any Divorced/Widowed Women Can Mail Me If They want real sex experience, erotic e-mails or sexy chatting. I Promise Them That I Can Give Maximum Enjoyment And Will Keep Their Details Secret. My E-Mail Id Is [email protected] OR [email protected]







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