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My Ammayi



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Hi KE readers..this is my 4th story…hope u liked my previous ones. this one happened last week with my ammayi i.e. my uncles wife…. Let me tell u bout my ammayi..she is 40 yrs of age…she stays at kollam with my uncle and my grandma…they have got a son who is studying for engineering and stays in the college hostel…I stay at Ernakulum and go there once in a while… I had gone there last weekend as my uncle had to go to Delhi for business purpose…as my ammayi and grandma is alone he called me up to stay there… went there by Friday evening…my uncles train was at night. dropped him at the station and went back….me and my ammayi are very close to each other… whenever is go there I spend lot of time with her as my uncle is always busy with his business and she stays alone at home….she likes me a lot….i always used to masturbate thinking of her and ive even seen her taking bath…lemme tell u she has got fabulous nipples. Although she is slim and has got small boobs and butts. Her nipples can make everyman go ga ga….. I know that uncle doesn’t have sex with her at all cause he is very much busy with his business….he comes home late every night….they sleep in two beds… So that Friday night we had dinner and slept…she told me to sleep in uncles bed as she is afraid to sleep alone. I agreed to it…we lied down and talked for a long time and then slept. she was wearing a nightie….it was raining heavily that night…it must be around two that I heard murmuring sounds…I woke up and saw that my ammayi was saying something in her sleep….her legs were raised and her nightie and underskirt were on her thighs…..she was going on shaking her legs and saying something…I went up to her and called her…she didn’t wake up but stopped murmuring….her nightie was still on her thighs…I saw her fair legs…my cock stood up fully….i kneeled down near the bed and parted her legs a little….saw her pussy with thick hair covering it… excited…wanted to touch her but was scared that she will scold me….i removed my mund and lied next to her.. the fragrance of her hair was driving me mad….slowly I kept my hand on her tummy. she didn’t respond…its still raining very badly… dick was touching her ass now. was desperate to enter her….lied down like that for a while….suddenly she turned towards me and hugged me tightly….her lips were very close to mine….and her mouth was slightly open as she was sleeping…..slowly gathered some courage and kissed her lips slowly….she just moved a little bit….slowly opened the buttons of her nightie…she was wearing a black bra inside…..wanted to bite them….saw my monster standing up fully in the dark…….I gathered courage and started kissing and sucking her neck…she woke up and started to push me when I gathered all my strength and hugged her tightly and kissed her lips..she lemme go and started enjoying my kiss…kissed her for a long time… hand was inside her pussy..was fingering her vigorously….she was moaning badly….stopped kissing her and then looked into her eyes…she was staring at me and asked me what if uncle comes to know bout this…I told her that he wont know about it as long as we both don’t tell him….kissed her again..this time she reacted well by opening her lips and putting her tongue outside…..i started massaging her breasts while kissing her….then I removed her nightie, underskirt and bra.. lied on top of her…she told me that she is feeling the weight of a man after so many yrs…and that uncle doesn’t even touch her….she was desperate for sex… I kissed her eyes, cheeks, sucked her neck and earlobes…..tickled her nipples with my tongue.. it was tickling her….she couldn’t control it…slowly sucked her nipples and her breasts…..then went further down and bit her navel…..she was almost about to cum that time….then kissed her pussy and spread her legs and put my tongue inside..she was moaning badly…juices started pouring and I drank the whole thing…..after sucking and licking her for almost half an hour I went up and kissed her lips again….she was fondling my cock as I was kissing her….i told her to suck it…but she told me that she hasn’t done it before….i told her hoe to do it….she sucked me real hard……cummed into her body…..she cleaned it up and lay close to me fondling my monster…he as up again in a flash….she wanted me inside her badly…I slowly parted her legs and guided him inside the traditional pained cause she was being fucked after a long time….told her that im about to cum..she told me to fill it inside as she had done the operation to stop kids…..we slept nude the whole night…..had sex the next two days….she told me to visit her atleast once in two weeks..i agreed to that happily…..gals and aunts in and around cochin pls feel free to contact me at [email protected]







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