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Meeting Sexy House Wife In Kerala



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Hi all,this is deepak back with my second story,well a continuation of the first one “Sexy Housewife”. Unfortunately my mail id got deleted at that point of time. So I din get the responses u send me, Now as I promised in the earlier story,I will narrate how we met in kerala and enjoyed our life here I was 23 old 24.she is 38 38-32-39 her figures. After 2 months of the incident we decided to meet for some days as she was missing everything hot that I did to her.We planned to take a flat in kerala for rent for a month. She arrived and initially we took a hotel room. We hugged and kissed inside the room. I took her in my arms and kissed her on her sexy hot lips.she kissed me back and we were hugging tight. We now stood before mirror. I was kissing her neck from behind and was pressing her big hot 38d boobs gently. She moaned, mmmmm.she was wearing a Saree.i was squeezing her blouse and kissing her,I pushed my cock to her ass and rubbed it der on her while I was kissing her on neck nd squeezing her boobs. She was sayin..ohh Deepak uffffff… do that more and more.u are making me so horny .i now put one of my hands on her pusssy and started rubbing it through continued for some time. I now opened her blouse nd kissed her cleavge.she moaned nd pressed my head hard on her boobs.i licked it,sucked it.i removed her saree.she was now jus in her under wears,she removed my shirt nd was kissing my broad she hugged me nd her boobs were on my chest.i now squeezes her asss nd she was leaning on to me pressing her hot boobs on to me ,her hands was now on my cock, rubbing it through my undies.she put her hands inside it and asked,this is my cock .I wanna sleep with this cock inside my pussy all night. Hearing this I kissed her and removed her bra and undies ,I licked her boobs and nipples from the front,and she moans..mmmmm my darling..My hands was on her hips rubbing them nd on her ass squeezing those soft pillows. M now lickin her neck nd shoulders, kissing her lips.i now go down on her boobs through the sides kissing her curves and arm pits..m sucking both her nipples. I kissed her navel nd was sucking her abdomen.that aroused her nd she shouted to kiss her more, I rubbed her pussy with my fingers and sucked boobs at the same time. She was gasping,breathing high.i now spread her legs.kisses her tighs from bottom to top ,she moaned,uhmmm,,mmmmm.i reached her pussy, now sucking it ,licking it,her pussy was pink and tight as usual.i licked her pussy nd put fingers inside it ,licked her welll.nOw I took my cockand rubbed it on her pussy with its this time she had made it hard 8 inch.she loves her pussy being rubbed by cock. She now got hot and asked me to give my cock to her.we decided to go 69. she took my cocking her mouth and started sucking it.she is very good cock sucker.she took it nd licked it tips,moved her tongue over it,now she took it full in her,suckin it cock reached her throat.she moved my skin up nd down, she shaked my cock inside her mouth.meanwhile I was suckin her pussy,I spreaded it fingered it, m nowsuckin it harder,putiin g tongue in her nd licking her inside her we took a honey bottle,we put honey on cock nd her pussy.she started to suck my cock with honey on it,man I was seeing the heaven,I pushed cock in her fucked her mouth hard and deep. I am also sucking her pussy licking it,her moans r coming out jus a little due to my cock in her mouth.i pushed 2 fingers in her nd fucked her pussy licking her clits. Now she wanted me to fuck her,I hold her ass from behind and is gonna rub my cock on her pussy,guys do that,that will make ur lady too hot.ok?i slowly pushed cock in her.due to honey nd as she was wet my 8 inch went inner hr,slowly,gently.i hold her ass nd pushed it deeper and started to move in and out of her pussy my cock is going in full ns comin out ľ th nd fucking her harder and fster. She was crying and I fucked faster nd harder ,I hold her hips and she was pushinit back onmy cock while I was fucking her she din had sex after our first fuck since her husband is away.she was shouting and was gonna cum.whenshe did she pushed her hips with all her might on m y cock.we went on for 15 minutes in that position,now I lifted on of her legs and pushed my cock from the sides.she love it when I does that. I hold her hips close to mine and fucked her hard,she started shouting and moaning high.after some time we fucked from the other side.(I am getting hot while I am writing this.wat a lady she is). Now she is on top of me riding cock was full inside her while she is doin that.she lied on my chest and swayed her hips to nd fro,I too was fuckin from beneath.she love riding my cock as she gets it full in her and can see my handsome face nd can kiss each other doing this.she rode me for some 10-15 I lifted her nd put her on table.i started to fuck her standing holdin her legs up on my shoulders, with my each hard stroke she cried out pleasure,it was power fuck.she love it.i fucked her from both sides in that table.she was now cumin again, she hold my hands used her nails on me hurting me.she started crying loud nd came for the 3 rd we went on to bed,I lifted her legs pushed cock in her .her tighs was touchin her boobs I now fucked harder,that was a hot position as it touches some special cock was goin deeper and deeper fuckin her,we both r sweating high nd my sweat falls on her neck nd I was fucking her alone for more than 1 ˝ hours.i can control my cum.thats why ladies love me a I wanted to cum in her.i pushed cock deeper, harder nd faster,she hold my ass nd was pushinit in her pussy,I was touching her g spot in that position(later I came to know about that) and she got horny and was saying ‘don stop Deepak fuck there hard,I wanna cum with u.u r my man.’ i fucked her deeper harder,kisin her lips.i was abouto cum and she was close for one more.i was ready for cum .i kept it on hold for hers to cum together.she screamed that’s she is comin,I fucked faster harder nd deeper,I m now unloading all my hot cum in her pussy nd she too was cumming hard.i stroked hard,I shoot my load in her pussy .she too cum along.i was pushing cocking her after cumming too.i kept my cock in her pussy for some time after fuck.I was kissin her neck nd boobs,lips everwhere,we both were happy .she told me that I have improved a lot than ealier fuck ,as it was my first fuck.she told u can satisfy any women with this cock nd power full body u cock was still in her.we was tired and kissed eac h other,she is now lying on my chest with her huge hot boobs on it.we slept there naked until we got up at night for food. This is a real incident.lot more to tell uabout.from there we took a flat,moved to beaches,house boats. We made love there too.she even sucked my cock in buses in morning.i wll narrate all these in my later stories. As idin get any response for earlier story I request all including house wifes,married ladies,divorced ladies,hot gals who seek sex anywhere in India or abroad to mail me.the lady I fucked is well educated and socially well placed.i assure you 100% secrecy on everything you tell as am expecting the same in return.s i did that to her she still loves me.she is now away and we cant meet now for some time.i am now seeking a hot female of any age for secret secured relation.You can mail me at [email protected] expecting your replies.Deepak







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