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Kathreena Chechi and Me

Arun Nair


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Hello every body. First of all let me express my thanks to the Keralaerotica crew. This portal is just simply outstanding. I am an 25 year old guy working in dubai. The story I’am going to tell is a true story with 0% exaggeration and cent percent reality. It is a reflection of the average malayalee social living and relation ships with human emotions and harsh reality above all the shackles…! When we moved to the new township from the village five years back Dennis uncle was the only immediate neighbor we had almost next to our house. Kathreena chechi (not real name), his wife and two children was his family. Basically being a central kerala catholic Christian family they were business men by profession and dennis uncle had business in the town. Happy content family – one can describe them in just that sentence. Kathreena chechi was a total family woman and was a clear-cut ideal ‘Achayathi’ in all aspects. Her physical and behavioral nature underlined it. Her pure white skin and fleshy body curves spoke of her typical Christian eating habits. As in any orthodox Christian family she had a non-vegetarian diet rich in pork, chicken and beef. Cooking was her main pass time and she enjoyed what she did. She was short but not under heighten and had a smiling face with fleshy lips that gaped wide when she laughed flashing her slight yellowish disciplined teeth. Every emotion had its own color and texture on her face. Whether it is happiness, sorrow and lust. She was a brisk walker and that made her greatest asset, her Ass ( kundi) giggle at any one who looked on it. Her ‘chanthi’ was as if two globes fitted together and disobeyed whatever dress she wore. I had frequent masturbation sessions thinking of her ‘chanthi’. What aroma will her anus have?. I have always wondered. She was in her thirties and being the mother of two children her breasts were some what sagging and she had developed tires round her waste which were beautiful when she sweated. That is all about her body anatomy. But what made her more attractive was her behavior. She was a master in socializing. She had excellent relationship with whom ever she met with. She talked a lot and with her thrissur slang and she had an excellent talent in shifting topic to topic. Being from a rich well to do family she could have been a little reserved,,, but she was least. She spoke to any one she met with and that was the keyhole in building a relation ship. She became my fantasy woman soon and I began to build a relationship but it took a long time, very long – long time , 4 years she took to trust me and that too for a single day with her. As I said earlier we talked a lot whenever we got chance. No…whenever I got the chance. I was always wondering what picture she has portrayed of mine in her mind. Whenever we talked I looked straight into her eyes, tried to read her mind. But nevertheless she slipped every time from my scrutiny. She was a perfect helpful and nice next to door neighbor. Talks became deep but she kept boundaries and I never tried to violate. I wanted to be in her good books. But I gave her hints of my admiration. I spoke of her character her home keeping talents and some times her dress sense and at last her figure. Days passed, years passed nothing happened but her trust in me was the result. It was 4 years since we had been neighbors. I changed my ways I began deliberate peep in’s when ever we talked. I searched for her cleavage, I looked as if I will hug her and taste her mouth.. I displayed my whole hunger with out any embarrassment. She was disturbed and began retreating to herself. And one day it happened.. I went to her house she was not that comfortable with me. I clutched her fleshy ass (chanthi) from behind when she was in the kitchen. And she slapped me hard on the face…! And if you all think it is the climax. you all are absolutely wrong… It was the beginning! she shouted at me and asked me to get out immediately or else she will yell and gather people. I left her and the hatred I saw on her face was unable to describe. I was panicked as any one would be and expected her husbands or relatives hot retaliation. I expected the worse and saw in my dreams slaps on my face. I was prepared for the worse. The next morning I saw Dennis uncle but nothing happened and he smiled at me as he was leaving for the shop. My courage was building up and kathreena chechi- his wife was adding fire on it. I Rang her and tried to talk but she refused. I rang several times till she disconnected the line. I went boldly to her house the next day and said I want to talk. She tried to slam the door but I got in . I said am prepared to face any consequence if some body comes in if she make a showoff there. I revealed my admiration to her. I assured my confidentiality. She spoke nothing but listened. I said I wont do anything without her consent. As it was time for her kids to get back from school I left. But before leaving I hugged her by force and tried to kiss her lips. She rebelled and the tussle ended in the sofa with me on top of her and she trying to push me off. I got her lips and her mature taste ran through my tongue. I kissed her mouth and tried to open it fully to insert my tongue but was unsuccessful. I kissed her till her resistance became weak and bit her lips in revenge to make a big dot of blood clot on her lower lips. The school vans horn was heard and I stood up to leave and she was still lying on the sofa with her hair untied and eyes closed in anguish. I was sure that she wont tell this to any body. But I never thought she will succumb to my desire since I came to know her through all these years and all these incidents. Days passed and I began to concentrate on my new job after the PG and I was also trying to pass this matter. Regret was in my mind regarding all these. And I was in the pursuit of searching a job abroad. I had little time to spend at home and kathreena chechi was out of my mind for the time being. It was six months since that incident occurred and I was planning to quit the job since I got a job in Dubai for which I may have to depart in a month. Meetings with kathreena chechi were confined to accidental glances across the compound wall or whenever she walked to the church on Sundays before my house. She exchanged a formal smile and I too was less bothered since my mind was pre-occupied with my relocation to Dubai. One day I got a surprise call and that familiar voice resounded in my ears, “Aruniney enikku onnu kananannam.Naaley palliyil varamo..?. Instantly I agreed but I had doubts in my mind. Has she revealed it to some one? My heart began to pound with anxiety. On that fateful Sunday I met her in the church she was waiting for me under the olive tree her kids running around the tree. Her daughter Janie yelled on seeing me “ mummy arun chettan..” she was a six year old damsel with all her mothers glory and ran to me. “makkalu poyi kalicho..” kathreena chechi said to her and moved towards me. She smiled I smiled back too. “ entha oru paribramam, njan aarodum paranjittonnumilla.. Arunum aarodum onnum parayillengil njan veetilekku vilikkam…pakshey orey oru pravsyam……….athum njan pattiya divasm varumbol ariyikkam..Arun poyal namukku orupakshey piney orikkalumm…” She stopped she told that she was not at all positive about what she is doing. She said that a battle was going in her mind with our relation and the harsh reality. But she could not over come her wish. She said that only I was in her mind since the day I kissed her and she has never enjoyed sex with her husband with satisfaction since then. We parted for the day and I eagerly waited for the call. It was a Friday and she called me day before that day. Her husband will be off to Mangalore and be back only on Saturday. Friday morning I saw her making her kids ready for school and sending them to the bus stop. Her hus had already left. My parents were at home so I had to slip away from them by some means. I got ready and left home saying that I will be back only in the morning next day since I had a friends marriage. Getting to her house through proper entrance was risky since any body can see it. So I had a plan the house next to her was vacant and jumped the compound wall with out no body watching and again jumped the compound wall of hers to reach the back side of her house. She had left the kitchen door open so that I could get in. My heart was pounding until I got in and I closed the door. She was in the kitchen in a dark blue churidhar which clung very much to her fleshy body. She was nervous too and asked if some one had noticed? I assured her and moved to the kitchen . I had never been there and the site of my mistress standing in that homely attire made me pinch myself. She had locked the gate and pulled the curtains before closing and was fully prepared. I moved towards her and hugged her. The feeling of hugging a large matured woman was totally different. I felt as if She was not fully under my captive hands. Her white skinned fleshy arms and forearms replied with a reciprocating tight hug. Her head was just below my chin. And the smell of her hair tied in cup shape above the head was a combined smell of her sweat and pure coconut oil she used. Her arms had two three small burn bruises which showed how much time she spend cooking. Her fingers cupping my face were fleshy and her wedding ring showed the wear and tear of 11 years married life. I had to bend a little to kiss her lips and neck since she was short. Her hair and face were applied with oil since she was about take bath in the morning before I came. Her hair tied up revealed her bare neck with hair curls. Kissing her lips was different this time. She was opening her mouth ful to let me explore her mouths inner taste and saliva. Sound of our teeth rattling and lips slipping in her sweet saliva together with her moans made my cock rock hard. Her taste was delicious and we hugging each other moved to the bed room. She was guiding me to the bedroom where she had slept with her husband for 11 years. I saw the bed neatly made up. she made me sit in the bed. I sat and watched around. The bedroom was spacious and warm. She locked the bolt and moved to the table. There I saw her family photo with Dennis uncle and kids together with her. She took it and put it in the drawer. Guiltiness flashed on her face for a moment but it lasted little as I opened my pants zip to take my cock outside. Soon she was kneeling on the floor and sucking my cock as I was busy removing the last button of my shirt. The site of her fleshy lips circling my dark brown rod was ravishing. It was as if she was eating a big banana. I was not that hasty in removing her dress. I waited till she was content with the taste and mass of my cock. As she took it from her mouth saliva and my precum which greased the whole lengthy sucking formed as water threads bonding my cock and her lips drooped and flowed along her cheeks. She removed my pants fully and began to remove the top of her churidhar. I saw her fleshy white waist layers and drooping breasts inside the bra. Her curvy waist which was being engulfed with thick layers of flesh around the waste reminded how curvy she might have been in her teens. Her stomach was slightly or some what sagging to her naval which added to her ‘Achayathi’ beauty. But few stretch marks were there and the deep well like naval was just exotic. She turned and started to remove her churidhar pants showing her ass oh my goodness…..kathreena chechiyudey chanthi…. The most powerful asset she had , her chanthi was before me in seconds. The site was speechless. ‘ bhoogolam poley urundu kozhuthu velutha kathreena chechiyudey chanthi’ was before me. It seemed as if she ate only to maintain her ‘chanthi’ in such a enormous shape. Her ‘thadichu urunda’ thighs were in perfect chemistry with her ‘chanthi’. Her red panties was tucked inside her ‘chanthiyidukku’. I lost my nerves and saying ‘enntey kathreeneychi’ I kneeled and hugged her from the back burying my face deep into her anal valley. I tore her panties away and spread her ass cheeks to see her Achayathi anus which was a dark brown star in the white fleshy anal valley. I buried my lips and nose to taste and smell her asshole which was even important for me than her ‘yoni’. I rubbed my nose on her asshole and licked it clean .Enjoyed and seduced by her achayathi musky smell I murmured ‘ kathreeneychi I’am your slave , sex slave’. She gave her asshole to my lips and tongue to adore. What a moment it was! She was leaning forward and extending her ‘chanti’ to my face making sure that my mouth and nose is in perfect contact with her asshole. For about 10 minutes I licked and ate her asshole till my tongue and nose were tired licking and sniffing. The mirror on the cupboard reflected our position…what a position it was kathreeneychi leaning forward extending her ‘Achayathi chanthi’ and I kneeling down sniffing her asshole. Her anal valley was drenched with my saliva and my mouth and nose were also shining by her anal valleys moisture. I sat on the bed relishing the taste and smell of her anus while she was preparing for the vaginal assault. She lied on the bed spreading her white fleshy thighs and I could see her bushy yoni which was almost watery with her cunt juices. Her ‘yoni’ was really like a ‘neyyappam’ with a long cut in the center and very dark brown in color. Her clitoris and cunt lips were smashed and curled out of 11 years married life. My mouth watered for the next feast and I buried my head between her white fleshy thighs. Eating her ‘yoni’ was like eating a half cut water melon. I sucked her butter from her tasty ‘neyyappam’. I bit her cunt lips and pulled it further as if its expansion is not enough. I tickled her clitoris with my lips. I measured her cunt depth with my tongue and licked it full like a dog. I raised my eyes to see her facial expression. She was in heaven with her eyes tightly shut and her lips were held in such a fashion that she was in pain. She pressed my head deeper inside her thighs as if she wanted my head inside her cunt. My erection was making me impatient and took my head out side her thighs and instantly moved between her thighs to guide my cock into her cunt which was delivering honey out of licking and sucking. Entering a woman who has delivered two kids was a real experience. How relaxed and loose her cunt was I knew only after my marriage when I fucked my virgin wife. Kathreenechi’s ‘yoni’ was really large and relaxed and she tried her best to cup my cock with her elastic cunt lips. We were in the missionary position with me on the top and I stroked her slowly extending my cock to all dimensions of her ‘yoni’. Fucking a woman for the first time I had my own inexperience and difficulties but she guided me all the way. The main problem was my cock getting out of her when I tried to fuck her hard. And in that missionary position I climaxed with in five minutes. But my erection was still on and I hugged her in that missionary position kissing her mouth with my cock still in her yoni. I started once more and this time it was better and I climaxed taking much more time. Still she was only half way on her orgasm. Fucking fleshy ‘achayathi’ kathreena chechi was really tiresome. She finally climaxed when i did deep fingering. Both of us fell on the bed and relaxed for a while. She went to the bath room and I could see her peeing out of relaxation. While she was in the bathroom I was thinking of the porn films I had seen. Sex was much different from what I thought. The rest of the day we fucked several times in many positions which were practicable. But the most I liked was the doggy style she kneeling down before me and I shoving from behind. That position gave me her body actions and view and I could see her chanthi swaying and moving as I fucked her. I beated her chanthi red while I fucked her hard and we had anal sex for once. That was really pain ful for her and more enjoyable to me. We fucked six times till 3oclock in the evening till her kids came back from school. She made me go to a room in upstairs and locked the door from outside. I slept for along time and once a while she came to upstairs while her children were studying. At nine she came to the room with food and we ate together. She made her kids sleep early and locked the room from outside. Once again she made bed for me and we fucked 2 times that night. Sex was too much that day and both of us were tired. Mean while we had talked all the day and she opened her mind to an extend and avoided talking about her husband and family. She sensed guiltiness whenever I asked how he fucked her. She only said now they were not frequent in sex and business and family matters ruled their heads. On my frequent questioning whether somebody else had fucked her she kept silent. But it was 6 years back later that night she told me but never told who it was or what he is. The only hint she gave was he was from their joint family itself and is as much twice her age. After our fuck sessions that night i spend most of the time doing oral sex for her and licking her chanthi. she teased me for my craze towards her ‘achayathi chanthi’. Before morning break I left her house and from that day she never showed any interest on me more than that to a good neighbor. The incident disturbed my mind & I wanted her again but she neglected me like any thing. One month from that incident I was forced to re locate to Dubai for my job and there too I didn’t get peace of mind for some months since our sexual relation has bloomed love for her in my mind. I always thought of marrying her which was the wildest dream to happen. All my emotional problems were out of the fact that she was the first woman in my life and I began to realize the harsh reality that she was the property of another man and my infatuations has no place in real life. I began to concentrate on my work and 2 years has passed since that DAY. I am now happily married and I saw kathreena chechi when I was on leave for my marriage and we behaved liked perfect neighbors. She was even more fatter and Not even a speck of that day’s emotion was on her face and looks. Now I realize the importance and peace of mind living cofined to a single woman though kathreena chechi always comes in my ‘kuliru korunna’ dreams every night !!! Mail ur response to [email protected]







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