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Ente Kunjamma


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When I read the free erotic true stories, I thought that my story is also should give for free readers. May be this may give pleasure to someone. This is a real story of my life. I started sex with my own aunt, my mom’s sister. I am from the southern Indian state of Kerala and we are from the Nair cast. In our tradition, the females have dominent and they live in their own home. Husbands come and stay with the wifes in wife’s house. It is the system followed untill recently some of them changed the style and started taking wife to husband’s house. My father was running a small stationery shop in nearest town. My mom got one sister and one brother. My uncle went to Bombay and only mom and aunt was living in our house. Aunt got married and her husband went to Malaysia on accepting a job in a plantation. He comes to India only once in two years and rest all times my aunt was living alone. I was the only child to my parents untill my age of 13. Then I gota little sister. Inbetween this period mother was pregnant four times and all was miscarriages and was only 3-4 months long prefency. I was sleeping with my aunt since the childhood. Only when uncle comes from Malaysia she used to send me to my mothers room at night. Now I know why was it. I always sleep in aunt’s arms and she used to hug me closer to her while sleeping. I used to sleep with her smell and heat. In Kerala the women apply some boiled oil on the hair, for growing the hair black and long. It gives a good aroma. My aunts body alwas gives a smell, which we will feel coming from some kind of flowers. When I was 10 year old, my uncle came from Malaysia and he never came again since then. I heard my father saying that he will not come as my aunt can not give birth to a child, he do not want her. He was living in Malaysia and later we heard that he got a wife and children there. I saw my aunt always crying at night when we go for sleeping. My parents asked her to marry again with a man who’s wife died and got two children. My aunt did not agreed as she was thinking that some day my uncle will come from Malaysia. Time went away and I was 14 years old and was on 9th standard in high school. Our house was a small house having only two bedrooms. My parents with my little sister in one room and myself and aunt in one room. One day one boy in our school bought a small book, which was having some sex stores and some naked photos of women. We at the leisure period went outside of the school and sitting under a tree we read one story and saw all the photos. The story was telling about one servant boy having sex with his mistress. That night while sleeping with my aunt, I just remembered about the story and the photos. Some days aunt used to hug me very tightly and used to kiss me wild. I never known why she does this untill I had the sex with her. This night she was holding me tightly and our bodies was pressing each other. Then I started to imagine my aunt naked as seen on the photos. This gave a pleasant feeling to my body and my penis started growing. As we were holding each other my bulging felt on her thighs. I could not control myself and the cock was bulging again as I was thinking about the story of the servant and mistress. After a little while aunt adjusted slightly and now the cock bulging was hitting at the proper place.. As the time passed she got hot as she was not having sex for a long time. She lost control and she started kissing me wildly on all over my face. She put one hand on my butts and pressed me hard against her. My cock got hard again and my harness was hitting on her pussy. My dress was a lungi and under a cotton loose shorts, which we used to call nicker. I started massaging at her back side and she got wild and mad. She put her hands on my cock and started pressing on it hard with the cloths. Then she removed my lungi and untied my nicker and slided down. She made me naked and started running her hand all over my body. I was so hot and I could not resist and started pressing her boobs. She unhooked her blouse. She was wearing a bra and and blouse on top of it. Down a skirt (pettycot) and a mundu - A typical Kerala women’s dress on those days. Now most of them use nighty dress. She sat on the bed and removed the blouse and the bra. I sat beside of her and started pressing on her tits. While I was playing with her tits she was playing with my dick. My body was having a special kind of feeling which can not be described. She still was wearing the pettycot and mundu. She removed that also and was naked as me. I could not see her as it was dark, but there was a little light and although we count not see clearly can imagine things. She asked me “did you ever seen naked women”. I said no and I told her about the book when I saw in the morning. Then she asked me, do you want to fuck me like the servant done to the mistress. I siad I want to but I don’t know how to do that. She kissed me hardly and told me that she will teach me all things about sex. First she told me how to fuck a women and asked to fuck her. She lied down and asked me to be on top of her. She kept her legs wide open and asked me to raise my buttocks. Then she took the cock and placed on the correct position on her wet pussy. Then she asked me to press slowly untill all my cock goes inside of her pussy. All my 7 inch cock was inside her pussy and it was filled in her pussy fully. Then she told me to slide up and down. When I took first time all my cock came out of her pussy and she told me that to keep the head inside and don’t take all cock out. Then to slide inside full. Then I started doing it as she told me and really I was fucking her, my first fuck. She put her hands around me and pressed me hard against her and was kissing me deeply. After a while she asked to increase my speed little by little. She was so wet and each time my cock goes inside it was making a noice…bloomm………bloom…..bloom…. She was wispering on my ears many sexy words in our language……like…oh my sweety fuck me harder my pussy never had a cock for a long ime….now your cock is inside my pussy….now thrust harder and harder and make my pussy soft…..make my pussy cum…..i need all your milk from your cock to my pussy. Fill my pussy with your cock milk my dear boy……She asked me to tell her sexy words like this and I wispered in her ear the same thing…She started makding funny nocies and was saying something to me which I could not understood. After few minutes, I started having a sort of feeling on my body. It was like a small current passing thru….I told her about it and she told me that I nearing to the climax and she also was going to have the same……It was a kind of feeling and I felt that I was flying on the sky. Thin time she was having her climax and she pressed me hard and was making funy nocies….My body started shivering and all of a sudden my cock pumped milk to aunt’s pussy…..IT was my first and great experience and we were lying as it is for a while, keeping my cock inside her pussy…then sliped down from her body…… After a while we fucked again and slept. After few weeks I saw her naked in light. First she was shy and afraid to put the light on as if my parents see light in room, they will come ask about it. So we can not put on the light for long time. Then one day, in day time we were alone at home and we saw each other naked and had our first fuck in daytime. I had sex with her for almost two years, untill I went to the college. That is the time I had my second women in my life. My aunt was my sex teacher, and she played with me of all kind of sex….licking, sucking, fucking, ass fucking, tit fucking….fucking on many positions….. Even now whenever I fuck a women, I remember my aunt………we can not forget our first fuck in our life…………..







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