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My Desperate Client



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Hi all. I am Rahul about 28yrs of age from Mumbai. I am a lawyer by profession. This is the first time that I am sharing a wonderful and beautiful experience of mine that has happened very recently and also let me assure you that it is a true incident with no manipulation of any facts.
Let me tell you about myself. I am 6ft feet tall and as everybody tell me that I very much resemble Madhavan, the actor, in my looks and my physic. I have very broad shoulders as I regularly work out. Though I am quite young in my legal profession but many times I am visited by many people through references for legal advice and I like to help them to the best of my ability and knowledge.
Recently, I received a call from my aunt who told me that one of her friends by name of Megha (name changed) had some legal problem and she wished to take some advice on it. I told my aunt to give her my contact no. and to call me as per her convenience. Accordingly after 15 minutes I received call from an unknown no. and I was sure that this had to be Megha. Normally I never mix profession with pleasure but the first thing I heard from the other end was “Hello, Is this Mr. Rahul?” I was mesmerized by the sweet feminist voice that was still tingling my ear lobes. For a moment I was speechless and when I heard the same question again I calmed myself and responded in a serious professional tone. Since I normally don’t like to know the facts on phone I requested her for a meeting and as she told me that she was comfortable to visit at my residence so I called her in the evening for a conference.
I was still remembering the sweet voice of Megha while I was in Court as well as in meetings with my other clients and was constantly looking at my watch as if time would run faster only because of my rising curiosity.
I came back home at about 6PM and though I had worked out in the morning yet for some reason I again went to the gym to again pump up my body as I wanted to look good before the lady I was going to meet. I returned home at about 7.30PM, had a quick shower and put on a cotton T-Shirt with track pants as I could not afford to be too informal or casual for the meeting.
At about 8PM the bell rang and I jumped up to open the door. As soon as I unlocked the door I saw a lady in front of me. Wow!! That was my reaction on the first look at her face. She had big round eyes which were brownish in colour. She was very fair with thin pinkish lips. And as she was smiling looking at me I could see those deep dimples on her cheeks adding fragrance to her beauty. I welcomed her in and made her sit across me. There was a formal introduction wherein she told me that her name is Megha about 34 years of age. She has one son who is 5 yrs old and she has come to me for some legal opinion on how to seek divorce from her husband. On asking her the reason she to seek divorce she said that it was mainly on account of the mental cruelty by her husband and his family members on her that she wanted to get out of the wed lock.
While she was narrating me the details of their cruel acts I could not stop myself from looking at her lips n her fair neck line with puffy shoulders. She was wearing this normal saree but even such normal wear looked so elegant on her. She was not thin and neither she was fat. She had weight at the right places. From the corner of her saree I could see the curve of her blouse which told me that she had really beautiful big set of soft boobs and by the look of her face and arms I could access that she was very fair on all parts of the body.
Though she narrated me her sad story but with experience I knew one thing that all the acts she narrated to me being cruel were actually very trivial one. So there had to be a reason different from what she has told me to decide to break her marriage.  So I kept on talking to her and made her even more comfortable to talk to me. I always believe that patience is the best virtue and I don’t like to be indecent with females so I simply kept on conversing with her like a friend. Atlast when I felt that she is now very much comfortable with me I asked her the true reason to seek divorce from her husband.
Initially she kept on telling me that she has already told me her side of the story but then she had to reveal the true reason. She told me that her husband has lost total interest in their sex life. She further told me that for about 4years she has been staying like a sage without any sex life. Being a professional I could not at once take advantage of this situation so I further probed into this matter. I asked her if she had spoken about it to her husband. She said that she tried to but her husband keeps on ignoring this subject and tortured her mentally even more to prevent her from raising this issue again. I asked her if she had even asked him to see a doctor and she promptly answered that she has tried everything to help her husband but it seems that he does not wish to help himself.
I then asked her boldly that has she thought of the possibility of having an affair. She was shocked to hear this question and probably was even offended. I made her explain that sex life is an important phase of a married relationship and if one partner is not interested in the same probably the other partner can seek the pleasure from a different partner and also does not have to break the sanctity of their marriage. She said that she has lived in a very orthodox family all her life and her values never allowed her to even think on such terms let alone going ahead and doing it in real.
I had to further probe into this issue so I asked her that now as she has revealed her real issue of getting out of the marriage to tell me if her husband was really that bad as she had initially told me. She said that he was otherwise a good person and though he was rude to her because of his personal problems but he was a good father. I then explained her that breaking this marriage would be affecting her child more than herself and her husband. And I even concluded by telling her that after knowing all the facts of her personal life my opinion was that she should not get out of her wed lock but should think ways of resolving her growing displeasure. She said that she had thought that after seeking divorce she would get married to another man and would then enjoy the life in all ways. At which I responded by saying that she might get a good husband but whether her child would get as good a father like his own would always be a question and also even if her new husband accepts her child whether he would fulfil all the responsibilities of a good father?
After hearing my opinion she started crying and she raised her voice in irritation saying, “Then what should I do? I am fed up of living my life like this? I am a woman and I have needs too...Why is it that only women have to compromise and men can do whatever they want?” I felt sorry for her condition and came near her. I forwarded a handkerchief so that she could wipe her tears. I stay alone at my house so I knew that her crying would not disturb anyone. But her thoughts did disturb me and I decided to help her in a way that it would save her otherwise good marriage. Especially as l lost my father at very early age I knew what it feels to live without a father for her young child.
I told her, “Megha, I want to help you and I really want to relax you...If you give me a chance I would like to make you happy as well as save your married life so that your son does not lose out on a good father.” She asked how? I said “Just let me do what I am doing and the moment you feel awkward or bad you can make me stop.” She looked at me cluelessly...I assured her that its for her own good and I held her shoulders tightly..I made her stand and moved her towards my dressing table. I made her sit across the mirror. She was facing herself and i was standing behind her. I wiped her tears with my eyes...and i said “ Look at your doubt u r a very beautiful lady..and I know exactly what u r looking for”. I kept my hands on her shoulders and i started massaging them. Please be relaxed...don’t think of anything..just enjoy the touch of a man. I started pressing her shoulders firmly now. I started moving my hands on to her shoulders and then started moving my fingers slowly on her neck line. My fingers were moving from up to down on her long neck line. I could see her face...her eyes were closed and i could hear her deep long breaths..she was not moving at all...her fists were held to each other tightly..I think she was fighting between her values and her raw passion. I put my fingers in her long hair and was playing with her hair now...I moved her hair towards one end of her shoulder. I moved my face close to her neck line..I whispered in her ear..”Perhaps this is what you desire in your life” She simply nodded.
I saw that her eyes were still closed and i moved my lips on her neck line. She could feel my warm breath on her soft neck. I simply kissed her neck first with my lips. I moved my lips kissing her continuously on her neck from top to bottom. Then i moved my tongue which was very wet all over her neck line and then moved my face towards her shoulders. I pulled her saree down holding the pallu in between my teeth. Her pallu fell down on the floor. She was now taking very heavy breath. I could see her black blouse. The colour of her blouse was complimenting the fair colour of her skin. Due to her heavy breathing her cleavage was expanding out of her blouse. She did have a very big set of boobs probably of about 38 cup size and the way she was breathing it was as if the nipples were simply shouting to be liberated out of the black blouse. I held her arms tightly and started kissing her shoulders. I gently bit her shoulders with my teeth. Her hand automatically came inside my hair and started playing with my hair.
I moved my hands down and this time i grabbed her boobs and first pressed gently...then firmly. As i pressed her boobs firmly i could hear a slight moan..”aaahhhh...” i asked her..”do u like it?” she again nodded but did not say anything...i moved my fingers on her breast line...moving them slowly in between her deep cleavage..i moved my hands inside her blouse now...I was trying to find her nipples but her blouse seem to be too tight for her boobs and my hands together being inside. I still managed to feel the contracted portion of her nipple..i slowly started moving my fingers round and round on her nipples now...i could feel her nipples getting harder and harder...I now could see the nipple through the mirror being very erect inside her black blouse ..i started moving my finger up n down the erect nipple..and then pinched the nipple a little..I whispered again in her ear..”Do u like it Megha?” She said, “Yes, very much...but Rahul..I am also feeling guilty...” I told her, “Megha, u would like to live with the emotion of guilt or with the emotion of sadness, frustration, irritation and displeasure?” She simply opened her eyes and straight looked into my eyes through the mirror...she stood up and now faced me and looked into my eyes and said, “I know what I want and how I want to live my life...” She grabbed me tightly in her arms and just felt the heat running through my body. She kept on holding me firmly and put her face on my shoulders. I held her face in my hands and looked into her eyes and said, “You don’t have to say anything more than this..” And I kissed her lips..I moved my lips n kissed her lips again gently..i moved my tongue on her upper lip and then on her lower lip..I started moving my tongue all over her lips now making them even more wet..she also took out her tongue and our tongue met each other and were exploring each other. I pressed my tongue inside her mouth and started giving her a deep smooch tasting her entire mouth. She also started responding to my smooch and started playing with my tongue inside her mouth. Her hands were quickly undressing me and she pulled my t-shirt out of my body. I was not wearing any vest so I was immediately topless. She started kissing me on my chest now. She started moving her fingers on my nipples and then started licking my nipples with her tongue. She then bit my nipples hard and i shouted in a bit of pain to which she saw me naughtily and gave a warm smile. I told her..”Shall we go to my bedroom”..She nodded to say yes..
I carried her in my arms and made her sleep on my bed..I cam on top of her and i started unhooking her her blouse was getting unbuttoned her fair boobs were getting unleashed one by one..I opened her blouse to see her wearing a black netted bra..I pulled down the strings of her bra by my teeth and started pressing her boobs firmly from both ends. Her cleavage grew bigger and i pressed my face in between her cleavage and started moving y tongue and licking her cleavage from top to button..Her hands were holding my head very firmly and now she was guiding my head to play with her nipples. Her boobs were even softer and fairer than I thought. Her nipples were very big and were pinkish in colour. I moved my tongue slowly round and round on her nipples and she was now moaning in pleasure...I then held her nipples in between my teeth and started licking her nipple with my tongue. I then pressed her nipple to my face and held her nipple tightly in my mouth and stated sucking her nipple as if I was eating a mango pulp to suck down its sweet juice. She was moaning and she said, “oh it has been such a long time since someone has sucked her so hard...i wanted this for such a long time...”
I then started kissing her soft fair tummy...i moved my tongue and licked her tummy and slowly moved down. I kissed her big round navel. Then i pressed my tongue inside her navel and started smooching her navel. I could see her hands holding to the bed sheet very tightly and she was moaning in pleasure..i let loose her petticoat and as i pulled it down the floor i could see her wearing a black panty. I started to pull her panty down to which surprisingly she said, “No Rahul...This is not right, I am married and I have a husband.” I asked her back...”Do you really want me to stop Megha? Should I?” She said, “But Rahul..oh...Rahul..I..I..” I simply told her, “Tell me to stop when you really want me to..” Saying this I pulled down her panty to see her beautiful pinkish yet darkish pussy..she had lots of hair..I told her..”it is so beautiful..let me just have a look at it..” I could make out that she was feeling very shy..probably her husband used to have very conventional type of sexual relationship with her. So i moved my fingers in between her pussy hair...i moved my hands closer to her pussy..I said, “Megha, its already so wet..” She said “It has to be..You have made me so excited”..I smiled and i moved her legs wider..I started kissing her thighs and then moved my tongue round and round on her big whitish thighs..i bit her thighs a little and then moved my face close to her wet pussy..i kissed her pussy..i then took the outer skin of her pussy in my mouth and held it in between my teeth. I sucked on it and licked it deep. I then moved my tongue inside her pussy now. I held her boobs tightly and kept moving my fingers round and round on her nipples and my tongue was getting deeper and deeper inside her pussy. She started enjoying my act so much that she held my hair tightly and started pushing my face deeper inside her pussy. I responded to it and i pushed my tongue even deeper inside her pussy so I can feel the hard part inside her pussy. She was getting orgasm after orgasm and I was drinking the juice like a thirsty animal. She then pulled up my face and looked into my eyes and said, “I want you inside me please...I can’t control..plzzzz”
I pulled down my track pant and my underwear. I 7 and half inch cock was rock hard. She looked at it and said “Oh its so hard..” She held it in her hands..”its so fat” She moved the outer skin of my cock deep down and said “The tip is so reddish and your foreskin goes so deep down” She kissed my cock and looked at me..”Please put it inside me...Please” I said “offcourse Darling” I put a pillow below her back and placed her legs high on my back and positioned my cock to guide through her wet pussy. She kept on looking into my eyes and as my hard cock was going inside her..her big round eyes were closing slowly and she was moaning in pleasure. Her hands cam on my back and were holding me tightly. I started moving on top of her slowly first and then i started increasing my pace. She also kept her eyes closed and kept on enjoying the hard thrust of my cock insode her pussy. I kept on now wildly moving my cock inside out inside out and she held me  tightly so she can feel the warmth of my body and at times even bit my shoulder.
She then said in my ears, “Can I come on top of you?” I said “Sure Darling” I lied down now on the bed and she cam on top of me. She held my cock in her hands and then sat on my hard cock with her pussy taking my entire big hard fat thick cock inside her. She started moving her waist in such a manner that I could feel my cock moving inside her while she still kept her eyes closed and was enjoying it to the fullest. I held her big boobs tightly and was pressing and playing with her nipples and she placed her hands on my nipples and was pinching my nipples and was now jumping on my cock. As she was jumping higher and higher her boobs were also moving very fast. The heat of her body was so intense that i could see the sweat running through her forehead to her boobs to my body and i was licking the sweat through her body. She grabbed me tightly and was jerking my cock inside her now very wildly. She was biting my body wherever she can and I was pulling her hair and her boobs and was making her feel the pain she was giving me by her love bites.
I kept on thrusting her for a very long time after which I felt that I was about to cum..I told her, “Megha I am cuming...She said “Dont stop..come inside me..I want your juice inside me...Plzzz...” I also now started moving my back up so I can go deeper inside her and started jumping while she was now moving faster on top of me..With a loud shout I simply put all my thick juice inside her and she felt my hot juice hitting her wet pussy and with that pleasant and satisfying expression on her face she fell on my shoulders and was panting holding me as tightly as she can.
I really wanted to do this even longer but she had to leave as her husband was about to return home from work. So she kissed me passionately and bid me goodbye promising to visit me next time for more legal advice.
      Today she is very happy in her life with her husband and her son as whenever she feels the need of a man she calls me to fix an appointment for good legal advice and I am always pleased to satisfy her to the best of my ability.
I hope you liked my story. Please send me feedbacks on my email address [email protected] or on frenzo as it would please me to please you to the fullest. Bye…

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